Something That Needs To Know About Flotation Machine

Flotation machine is suitable to separate non-ferrous and black metal or some nonmetal like coal fluorite and talc. It is especially suitable for materials like copper, zinc, molybdenum, graphite ore, fluorite ore, phosphate rock, gold, iron explain usage of vibrating screening equipment ore, rare earth ore, silver and so on. The impeller of flotation machine is driven by the triangular belt, which produces negative pressure by centrifugal effect. On the one hand, the machine can absorb enough air to mix with mortar; on the other hand to mix mortar and additives. There are mainly two factors which influence the concentration grade:
Too much clay content influences the concentration grade. The solutions are:
1. Wash cement ball mill for sale south africa the rocks before crushing.
2. Classify the raw materials with hydrocyclone and classifying how much do conveyor belts cost box according to their granularity.
3. Adopt suitable slime inhibitors like sodium silicate, sodium hexametaphosphate and carboxymethyl cellulose to control slurry.
Too much overgrinding materials in grinding process influences the concentration grade.
The Maintenance of Flotation Machine:
1. All components of flotation should be checked every three or four months.
2. The operator should be professionally trained to have a good understanding of the machine.
3.Store whole sets of quick-wear parts in the warehouse in order to replace the broken components in time and quickly.
4. Filter is needed when filling oil in order to avoid dirt and worthless things to enter into oil. When the flotation machine is working, the oil cap should be closed.
5. Check the whole machine before starting it. The rotating parts are prohibited to touch with hands when working.
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