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the current major sources of revenue for local government is sales tax and VAT, both economic activity and tax mainly from the manufacturing process. In order to increase tax revenues, local governments, of course, the first reaction is to develop industry and increase GDP. As long as GDP growth,spaccio woolrich, do not be too concerned about the environment there is no pollution, people’s livelihood has no debts, taxes anyway enough. However, if the property tax as one of the major sources of tax revenue of local governments, local governments in order to attract more people to come to buy a house.

the key is to have a package of measures to ensure that the power taken up by the supervision and regulation. Otherwise, the future implementation of vertical management is also likely to be encountered and the food and drug regulatory areas similar problems.China Youth Daily: What kind of system in order to guarantee the power will be taken up a good exercise?Zhou Lian: It is currently facing a very challenging problem. Local governments need to face the public, there is a problem to work through public reports, petitions and other acts reflected,abercrombie, and different local government can be formed between the lateral contrast. But for vertical management sector, it is not only the lack of feedback, but the lack of a lateral reference to oversee it will increase the difficulty.To ensure that the power vertical management mechanism has been taken up a good exercise, is simply to establish two mechanisms: the first is the establishment of information feedback mechanism from the service object, able to work to ensure that the central government has a vertical management agencies fully grasp; the other is to monitor accountability mechanisms. Once feedback mechanism discovered vertical management agency in question in the exercise of power.

you must pay attention to the local environment and quality of life to live. This makes it possible for the local government act to produce a positive guidance.It should be stressed that moment,barbour pas cher, everything has a big reform of the tax structure of the premise that we must ensure that the combined tax burden of enterprises and the public does not increase. In this context, you can set up tax reform,woolrich outlet, adjusting the proportion of central and local governments to share in some of the taxes and other ways to solve the problem of local government financial resources. If only the new tax increase on the existing tax structure is not adjusted,tiffany, it will be the worst of the reform program. Because, as a developing country,abercrombie france, the existing tax plus a variety of government fees.

Zheng Xiaoyu, was the first director of the State Food and Drug Administration. Zheng Xiaoyu using vertical Food and Drug administration, the new drug by wholesale big money. In the field of food and drug supervision, management is making the vertical dispersion for rent under the previous territorial management, transformed into focus for rent, not only before the problem is not resolved, but brought more disadvantages. Finally in 2008, the food and drug regulation back again by the vertical management of territorial management.Thus, not all of the vertical management can achieve good results.

it must be strict accountability.China Youth Daily: Some argue that the next reform should focus on increasing local financial sources, the specific approach is to add a new local taxes,barbour femme, such as property tax. But now, in the overall context of the heavier tax burden,scarpe hogan, through new local taxes to ensure that local sources of finance if it works?Zhou Lian: tax system is certainly one of the important areas of further reform, but reform will be mainly focused on the tax structure. Adjusting the tax structure significance lies not only in the central and local redistribution of financial resources,doudoune moncler, and also helps to motivate local governments to fulfill their proper public duties.Take the real estate tax,hogan, now over-reliance on government land fiscal financing model will not be sustainable. Contribute to the implementation of property taxes to local governments to provide a more stable tax base,piumini moncler, reduce their over-reliance on land sales, the future sooner or later large-scale implementation. In addition.

the central government has on many items originally belonged to the local government the right to conduct a range of vertical management,chaussure louboutin pas cher, such as banking,doudoune parajumpers, tax and customs. It was predicted that in the future, the vertical extent of the central government administration will be further expanded. How do you see this trend?Zhou Lian: In the field of banking, customs, tax,air max bw pas cher, audit,air jordan 4, justice,hogan scarpe, etc., there is indeed a need of vertical management, but also proved that many vertical management has undertaken a success. With vertical management of banks, for example,tn requin, the move makes the bank out of local government control. It now appears that if the bank is still controlled by local government did not implement the vertical management,piumini peuterey, investment and economic ups and downs fluctuations may be more serious.Of course, we can not rely too much on the vertical management, can not be considered once certain powers by the local management intervention had negative consequences, we should immediately receive the above power, vertical management. In fact, only the first step on the resumption of power, how to ensure the power can be taken up the line so that better is the key. The most obvious example is the food and drug regulatory areas have implemented vertical management. 2000, China adopted a vertical management of food and drug regulatory areas.