special advantages of ultrafine mill in the processing materials

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The European version of ultrafine mill is a new type of ore milling equipment, this type  ultrafine mill is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, mining, road construction, water conservancy and Hydropower industries. It is an ideal equipment for processing quartz, feldspar, calcite, limestone, iron ore, barite and bentonite. However, do you know why ultrafine mill is the ideal equipment for processing these materials? What are its special advantages in the processing of these materials? Below we will share the European version of ultrafine mill performance characteristics and advantages.

1. Europe version ultrafine mill machine adopts frequency conversion regulation
The engine speed is controlled by a frequency converter, simple and convenient adjustment, accurate speed, controllable material sorting, adjusted according to the requirements of material properties, different fineness and yield of the ultrafine mill play a larger efficiency and better operation, effectively reduce the energy consumption and wear.

2. the ring pressure device of ultrafine mill mill is external
The external regulation of the mill ring pressure regulating position is provided for the external regulation of the outlet, and the maintenance is convenient, and the tedious process of disassembly and adjustment is avoided, the time and effort are saved, and the maintenance and the maintenance cost are greatly reduced.

3. ultrafine fine mill machine and design of split variant for human body
Ultra fine mill machine and airframe adopt vertical fission structure to avoid resonance, enhance operation stability and improve service life of the product.

4. super fine mill adopts multi port combined heat collector
Multi port combination powder collector European version of ultra-fine mill, six sets of powder mixed into the two body, select and collect more effective fine powder products, to avoid the two mill powder can not return to the mill chamber from the fan, so as to improve the efficiency and dust separator.

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