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Okay, so I started my first year of University in September, and here I started smoking. I’ve always been a social smoker, but now I smoke daily!

Im 18 years old.

I smoke Roll Up cigarettes cause I cant afford to smoke manufactured cigarettes!

I started smoking really cause most people on my course do! Its a Performing Arts degree, and for some reason this field of entertainment has loads of smokers!

but anyway, are there any really nice brands of roll up tobacco? I currently use Golden Virginia Tobacco and Rizzla cut-corner skins and swan discount tobacco super-slim filters! And am just wondering if there is a more smooth/nicer tasting or smelling brand out there I should try?
I live in the UK if that helps anyone with their suggestions, I have tried Amber Leaf but really hated the taste!!!
Id like to tobacco store maintain my addiction levels somewhat though and not worsen them, I smoke between 3-5 cigarettes a day!
Thanks :)That is one of my great regrets as I didn’t start smoking until I was 30. I wish I had smoked in college. I remember the student smoking areas outside the dorms loaded with smokers. I know I would have enjoyed all aspects of college better and the socializing would have been better wholesale tobacco too.
Jay —
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