stone crusher equipment crushing production process

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Stone crushing equipment is a kind of ore processing machinery and equipment for crushing ore processing, common stone crushing equipment is jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, crushing processing equipment, stone crushing equipment is mainly by extrusion, splitting, bending, impact and rolling all the way the large pieces of rock broken into small pieces.

stone crushing equipment will produce some dusts in the process of crushing ore. The appearance of dust affects the surrounding environment and has a great influence on the parts inside the stone crushing equipment. How does it produce dust pollution in the process of crushing ore?

Stone crusher tail chute front is linear, plus the flow area, which leads to high pressure air resistance is relatively small and make it out of the chute exit phenomenon; dust suction point crushing machine is equipped with the distribution of concentration, too scattered, the suction pipe is too long, the other elbow some more, so the dust of great resistance, effect of dust removing capacity.

Similar to the principle of fan, the high speed rotating stone crushing equipment rotor pulverized coal raw material, and at the same time, a lot of air above the crusher in the crusher was thrown to the chute at the same time, so the high pressure airflow area was formed. The formation of this high pressure airflow area is partially removed by the dust collector into the buttocks, and the rest is accompanied by a large amount of pulverized coal, which is washed out through the slot in the chute below.

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