Stone Production Line in The Process Of Impact Crusher Use

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Stone production line, the first procedure by vibrating feeder supply to the jaw crusher, and then be crusher jaw crusher, here is the role played by the bulk materials broken into the impact crusher, to 20-60 particles between the customer needs, using the high-speed rotation of the rotor plate hammer the high speed impact, on into the crushing cavity material and broken, the counterattack plate and the crushed material along the tangential direction at high speed into the crushing chamber at the other end, be broken again, then from the back plate rebound plate hammer, continue to repeat the above process.Whether in the sand gold mining equipment for sale south africa production line, stone production line, our objective is to ensure that impact crusher, jaw crusher can normal continuous operation, in order to extend the service life of the crusher, we use the process must be periodic maintenance and maintenance of impact crusher, which is the indispensable process. I plant all kinds of crusher equipment in the factory has been idle for long time, to reduce the appearance of in the future in the process of using fault, our customers in the new machine operation, each class produce after the operation must crusher companies in world be an overhaul of the impact crusher, each member to intensify, belt drive is normal, the lining case wear alluvial gold mining machine for sale plate to have a full understanding, periodic, periodic inspection.In the purchase of impact crusher at the same time, we need to understand what is vulnerable, because bulk material crushing process will wear lining plate, back plate, the replacement process must follow the principles, the first after open shelves, the shelves in the box with the bolt is unloaded, the six angle of the head part and then use the wrench to flip device, then slowly open shelves. At the same time, can use frame above hanging device hanging back frame. Repeat the above process, is put on the shelf. Counterattack broken plate hammer wear to a certain degree should be timely adjust or change, in order to avoid fasteners and other parts of the damage, resulting in greater losses.Jaw crusher, cone crusher ,impact crusher plays an important role in crushed stone production line, the problem does not appear before, must be detailed inspection, can not believe it, so as not to lose the greater, resulting in not running.