Stop It, Lady Gaga Just Stop

This is what Lady Gaga decided to do this morning on “Good Morning America.” No one knows why she decided to do it, or how she comes up with these wacky stunts, or basically anything at all,wholesale nike nfl jerseys, but it happened. And it was awful.

It’s just uncomfortable, isn’t it? For a bit there at the beginning of her career, she was just weird, but now she’s like “Look how weird I am,wholesale Chicago Bears jerseys, I am so weird, isn’t it so weird that I’m so weird? Watch my eyes get bigger and let me stop performing during my performance so I can make a silly, pointless costume change because WEIRD.” It’s just not that fun anymore, sorry.

Also, that poor, poor dog. And I know,nfl jerseys on sale, I know, that’s her own dog,Obama struggles for support, but if you think that negates the “poor dog” comment, then you obviously haven’t been watching long enough.