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Elderly man with uncompromising, police investigation

■ Express reporter intern Chen Haisheng Bi Zhiyi Zhu Ran sparkle

After hitting the elderly want to escape, or kindly old man being propped fall blackmail? 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon,, Guangzhou Liwan District, South Shore Road,, South Bank Street, an elderly man who propped a fall sparked controversy. Elderly men and uncompromising, the police have been involved in the investigation.

Man old man propped fall

Bo Cai 84 year old, is old folks Southbank Street. 1 o’clock yesterday afternoon, he had just finished medical hospital walking alone on the way home. In passing through the streets on the 25th when the South Bank, Cai Bo suddenly fell, ran into the mouth of a roadside stairs.

According to Cai Bo said he was walking in a manhole cover at the left heel do not know how it was hit by a bicycle wheel, because momentum is too large, the people threw himself on the ground. Bo Cai said, hit his will after that young man, he propped up on his bicycle to leave. He quickly pulled the man’s bike, ask the event handler is clear, then left. Therefore,nike requin tn, the two sides had an argument,piumini moncler,, then,scarpe hogan, the residents will tell Cai Bo’s two sons, who arrived at the scene also asked the man to not leave. Finally, the two sides police.

Yesterday afternoon, when the Express reporter arrived on the scene,louboutin pas cher, Cai Bo has been propped up sitting on the roadside, police are asking for both events. Bo Cai incisors almost off hand there are bruises,abercrombie femme, as well as a pool of blood on the ground. Cai Bo has a deformed left heel shoes, because he has stepped on the heel shoes, naked eye can not judge whether it is a bicycle tire pressure to deform or the elderly themselves to step on to the deformation.

Good things or hit people,woolrich parka?

For Cai Bo said it was because the heel was a bicycle hit himself will fall argument, that young man said he was innocent. It is understood that the man surnamed Huang, 23 years old,, Guizhou to Guangzhou to work for three years, and is currently working at a nearby hotel.

According to him, he was ready to hand drill borrow a friend’s house, at the time of passing the south bank of the street, because of the small pedestrian alley and more, he walked his bicycle, the speed is very slow. Huang said he was walking in the middle of the road, he did not hit Bo Cai. See the old man fell to the ground, behind two small yellow persuade men stepped forward to help a little yellow. “They dare not say help,, let me help him,peuterey outlet milano, I was out of kindness, they lifted him up one, and did not expect something like this.” Huang said, but he can not think that the two men see sightings He and the old man after a dispute left.

According to Cai , after he fell, a small yellow let himself get up,woolrich uomo outlet, “I get up again, he put aside bicycle away, and then helped me up. He actually hit me and then to help me only if I can get up, I will not help him up. “Bo Cai said,, so he pulled a small yellow bike would not let him go.


Street Xiaxiangchangshuai elderly

South Bank Street is a granite street, 4 meters wide, uneven pavement, some granite surface is more smooth. According to neighborhood reports,,spaccio woolrich, narrow streets of this old Lane has repeatedly fall accidents. “Last weekend took place a single, then fall is a 50-year-old woman.” Small shop owner near the scene said.

This reporter saw a fall in Bo Cai position, just a small piece of low recess. Huang said that the elderly are likely to be tripped in the area. But many neighborhood have said Cai Bo has not witnessed a fall in the process. “We do not say who they are and who is wrong.” Neighborhood Wang Shu said,, if it is knocked down Cai Xiao Huang Bo,basket requin pas cher, Bo Cai Xiao Huang should be responsible for medical expenses,tiffany gioielli outlet, and an apology. But if good intentions propped Cai Xiao Huang Bo and was blackmail, then, this trend should not. “If the guy was blackmail because doing good, then who would dare to do good things in the future.”

Cai Bo’s son, said Xiao Huang is courageous and good people still knocked down his father’s perpetrators, this is the two opposite faces, not the same language. He said the need for small yellow compensation, the police have to wait for the findings came out, according to the outcome. At 3 pm,air jordan 4 pas cher, police at the scene after evidence, the small yellow and bike taken away. And Bo Cai is accompanied by his family to the hospital for examination. Currently, police are still investigating the circumstances.