Structural Upgrading of Gold Ore Crusher

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Gold ore crusher is commonly used in sand production line of a gold ore processing machinery and equipment, gold ore crusher in Australia ratio and compared with the gold ore crusher, crusher can be used for crushing high hardness ore, can be said to be the essential equipment in processing production line in the sand.

Gold sand crusher as key processing machinery and equipment of a processing equipment, Shanghai Jooya mining machinery as sand processing machinery and equipment manufacturers must be gold crusher’s potential development to the extreme, Jhoja here and we talk about the gold crusher in which.

The weight reduction is an important direction for the improvement of the gold mine crusher. The frame of the gold mining crusher accounts for a large proportion of the weight of the whole machine (50% of the casting frame and 30% for the welding frame). Cast steel is a process of high energy consumption. From the point of view of saving energy, the welding frame should be developed.

After several studies, it is concluded that the use of the welding frame for the gold mining crusher is the correct direction for the long-term development. In addition, the main reason for the increase of machine weight is the unreasonable design of the frame structure. The frame structure design should first be based on the force, and try to reduce the weight under the conditions of strength and stiffness.

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