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I did not want to understand how it happened,sweat hollister pas cher, the newspaper said on the overwhelming Hugejiltu rape murderer,hollister abercrombie, how many days did give shot.Beijing News: Do you believe it too, Hugejiltu is a murderer?Yan Feng: I believe that too. At that time people learn information on newspaper and TV channels, newspapers write vivid, everyone believe. His family could not believe it, but really to Hugejiltu seek explanation, was not arrested after Zhao Zhihong it.Beijing News: But you said a lot of the time is a fiction story?Yan Feng: Yes, most of the evening with my memory is not the same. Newspaper just came out, I tried with the people around them that is not like that,bracciale tiffany, the police and the newspapers are lying, but no one believed me,doudoune moncler femme, and we all feel bad Hugejiltu species, both he and I would peek rogue ladies room.Beijing News: What made you finally believe?Yan Feng: He finally said something dead inside seam nails,air max femme pas cher, as well as blood or something.Beijing News: the arrest Zhao Zhihong,hogan scarpe donna, before choosing to believe their memories?Yan Feng: 9 years before very tangled,abercrombie roma, while that is true, think Hugejiltu man,abercrombie france, they feel absolutely impossible. Zhao Zhihong was arrested when I read the newspaper, then no one has put the case Hugejiltu the case with Zhao linking cigarette factory toilets case only a few words. But just a few words, I would understand, Hugejiltu is innocent.Beijing News: Do you sometimes think that he was saying a few words to let the police identified the murderer Hugejiltu is it?Yan Feng: Police ask people how to call Geji Le Pictured have not seen the yellow video or something. So I do not know why they ask, I say to others well, we have not seen. But the police asked over and over again, yet ferocious. I said no, but then I said something Hugejiltu told me jokes, this is the truth, we are at that age is not normal for you?I say and do not say things that evening they kick Hugejiltu on qualitative.

she cried my heart is particularly uncomfortable. Zhao Zhihong arrested that year, I went to see again.Beijing News: often think Hugejiltu it? For example, after drunk himself when alone?Yan Feng: He died that year would be, do not know how to jump out in my mind. Sometimes the dream you dream about him, but he does not speak in a dream, is a figure in there. After waking up often trance, always felt he was still alive,abercrombie paris, we can work a child to drink. Then slowly less, do not want to drink but also to a lot of things.Beijing News: In addition to the online publication of those photos, you still remember his look?Yan Feng: I remember,abercrombie italia, strange to say, after 18 years. His memory is not just photos that way,hogan interactive donna, a lot of looks, very lively and very generous attempts.

and will change it? But then I have felt before,abercrombie, why do not you say something with the police that he was a good man, how the day 10 minutes enough time to kill people?After the day had too soberBeijing News: In my heart how to resolve these tough times?Yan Feng: find a friend to drink,hollister italia, after which no new Hugejiltu my friend, is to find old classmates or something to drink, drink drunk,magasin hollister, and sometimes cry, cry all cry later,tiffany collane, put his drink the unconscious,hollister pas cher soldes, an awakening, the day had before.Beijing News: will talk with the people around him?Yan Feng: Few,louboutin femme, then the outsider he is raping murderer, did not want to mention. Around all these years not much want to say that people can not say too uncomfortable.Beijing News: how all these years with no family contact Hugejiltu?Yan Feng: Few, I actually quite afraid of meeting his family. Because ultimately, he was sitting with the topic,woolrich outlet online, the reporter an interview with his mother cried.