Systematic adjustment of electric assembly of the electric rice cooker Dav

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The electric assembly system of the popular automatic thermostatic electric rice cooker mainly includes the warm device of magnetic steel limit, parts such as the bimentallic strip thermostat, switch lever, pressure spring, electric breakback contact, draw bar, pressing the spring leaf, supply indicator,etc. make up.

As the electric rice cooker needs to adjust the whole assembly system after changing the assembly or changing some device. Adjusting the step specifically generally has such several respects.

1 . Check the reset state of the key set of the switch in the pan in not putting first. Generally depress the key set of the switch gently under the normal conditions. The switch can bounce and reset automatically. Otherwise may be that the warm device internal temp sensing magnetic steel of magnetic steel limit is too near to permanent magnet steel and cause the contact to cohered and can’t be reset. It is apt to cause continuous heating incessantly while using. The concrete regulating method is to regulate the lever linking with switch. Can grip levers and front portion of the draw bar with needle point pliers and mention Laszo up slightly. It can’t be too large to propose and draw the crooked range. Can just disengage adherent contact.

2 . Put the inner pan into electric rice cooker. Pushing the key set of the switch should not be reset by oneself. If reset automatically. Prove the temperature sensing magnetic steel and permanent magnet steel in the warm device of limit are too far away. It is unable to put through to cause the contact. Grip cnc vtl the previous end of the lever with needle point pliers. Press curved downward gently. Press the range and can be closed and combined into accurately normally with the contact curved.

3 . Repeat the above-mentioned two items. Should also check whether the journey draw bar which adjusts the magnetic steel of temperature sensing is flexible from head to foot at the same time. Whether clamp the phenomenon. Or spring pressure intensity of the draw bar top is not enough. Situation of causing the draw bar to be obstructed etc..

4 . Hold inner pan with some water, put. Adjust the correct control temperature value of the thermostat. Controlling the temperature in the electric rice cooker / thermal insulation generally adopts a pair of gold, belongs to slice controlling the temperature the component. Have adjustable to control the temperature movable bolt. The principle that the thermostat controls the temperature and regulates is. When the movable bolt is rotated clockwise rotation. Then holding temperature rises correspondingly. And as the thermal insulation of the anticlockwise drops in temperature. Regulate thermal insulation control the temperature bolt. The simple and most easy method adopts the thermometer to measure in the real pan the water temperature is fixed. Namely adjust to make the water temperature here many times 60 . Between 70 . Set, use the paint sealing of glue. In case the bolt becomes flexible in use. In this way, can guarantee the electrical pick-off of the thermostat is here 60 . Produce movements between 70 .

5 . In the electric rice cooker after changing the warm device of magnetic steel limit. Must pay attention to the switch draw bar and assembly angle of the warm device of limit. If assemble the angle and produce the deflection. Question of attracting that it can’t cause the limit warm device acting too early or switch in use that. The accurate detecting means should guarantee its draw bar should be in the vertical angle when the switch is in the closed state. If produced and sloped and should change. The interval between draw bar and connecting rod should slightly rolling mill bearing loosen the leeway at the same time. After the inner pan is put energizationly, could fully guarantee its electrical pick-off keeps in touch well like this.