Talking About The Development History Of Stone Crusher

Material crushing is an old-line topic. Early in the 50s of the 20th century, Allis-Chalmers Company began to research the crushing work extensively. It obtained a significant conclusion in the 60s. As the study goes ahead, people knew the high efficient crushing work intimately. Smashing (includes crushing and grinding) is an indispensable industrial link during the rapid development of economic society.
Stone crusher is the grinding machine that the particle size is greater than 3mm and the small scale gold mining equipment content takes up 50% of the discharging volume during the layout. In the processing procedure of various metals, nonmetals, chemical raw mineral materials and building materials, smashing work has to consume huge energy, and it is a low efficient work. In the course of material grinding, because of the sounding, vibrating and clashing effect in the work, the energy consumes massively. Therefore, the experts in this field always research how to finish the crushing and grinding with energy conservation and high efficiency for years, which is from the theoretical research to innovational equipment (includes the reform of old equipment) and up to the changes of production technology process.
With the development of economy, crusher market is also developing continuously. In recent years, the production of stone crusher adopts the dragging-broken theory, hardness crushing theory, differential drive theory etc. on the basis of the traditional crusher, thus form the characteristics gold mining equipment manufacturers south africa of high efficiency, pro-environment, energy conservation etc. It is used widely to power plant, coal, mine, smelting, chemical industry, paper making and other industries.
It is delighted that the high strength wear-resisting hammer and plate of crusher have been produced successful at home with the vast advance of mining technology and productive power. According to the requirements of the customers, Shanghai Zenith Machinery Co., Ltd. develops the whole set of crushing and screening equipment and manufactured concrete floor grinders for sale sand processing equipment, which combines the advanced technology at home and abroad. It not only provides the crushers which is high efficient and low energy, rational matching, reliable quality and high cost performance, but also provides aggregate production line, sand making production line and various configuration process of production line. All of these are for the production needs of customers.
In recent years, the crushing theory, crushing technology, structure design and equipment manufacture etc. in my country have great process. However, compare with the foreign stone crusher, we still have a certain gap. The domestic mining machinery industry develops the new products continuously on the basis of the original level and improves the quality of products. It is worth of praising. Shanghai Zenith Machinery Co., Ltd also expands its researching team, and innovates the superior crushing and screening equipment through the unceasing research.