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Chatsworth & CoCHATSWORTH & CO (incorporated as Chatsworth & Co Business Services Limited) is an independent firm of insolvency practitioners and is able to help individuals and companies throughout the UK who are at risk of insolvency. The directors and staff all have many years experience in helping individuals and companies through financial difficulties. One director holds an Insolvency License issued by the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England & Wales. We therefore help clients throughout the whole process and we do not merely charge a fee and pass clients to another insolvency practitioner, nor do we sub-contract work to other organisations. We offer a full range of insolvency services, but pride ourselves in specialising in voluntary arrangements which may avoid the need for bankruptcy or liquidation. We understand the traumas faced by individuals, whether the difficulties be caused by excessive personal credit or by an ailing business, and the worries of directors of companies with financial problems. We always try to prevent bankruptcy or liquidation and save businesses, such procedures only being advised as a last resort.Rescue is always the first optionNEAL LITTLEWOOD has over 20 years experience in insolvency and has worked in both large and small accountancy firms. For the last 12 years he has given independent insolvency advice and specialised in providing voluntary arrangements for individuals. Neal works hard to maintain a fair balance between all parties involved.

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Chapter 13 BankruptcyWhen you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy is totally free.

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Debt Management: This can be crucial since the enterprise will probably be cleared.

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