Technical characteristics and working principle of high efficiency ultrafine mill

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Efficient ultrafine mill as an indispensable part of slag cement production process, its efficient ultrafine mill quality and equipment efficiency plays a very important role in slag cement production. However, one of the important equipments in the production process of high efficiency superfine grinding is complicated with its own complexity. Therefore, how to efficiently debug the efficient ultrafine mill is particularly important. This paper studies the debugging of the high efficiency ultrafine mill of the world industrial science and technology group. The results can provide reference for the practical engineering application.

Technical characteristics
(1) in order to prevent ore clogging, it is usually used in the way of feeding.

(2) two main rollers and two auxiliary rolls are arranged on the grinding roll, and the roller is arranged on the grinding disc through a main roll and a auxiliary roll. The main roller and the auxiliary roller have different functions, the former plays the role of grinding, and the latter plays the role of the fixed material layer.

(3) the rollover device is equipped with the main function of turning the grinding roll out of the mill, which is beneficial to the later maintenance.
(4) equipped with auxiliary transmission equipment to facilitate daily maintenance.

(5) equipped with a seal fan, the main function is the seal roller bearing.

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