ten thousand mountain cities you administer on behalf of bottom first

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all, the Hao up still some affairs in mainland in the sky are to need the processed,Buy Air Jordan 7 Sneakers, but she at the beginning again give Luo house for decade of time, so, they is can’t now a walk it.

“Young lady, I want to close the border.”Big servant hurriedly way.

“Good.”Is cold if snow point nods.

“You close the border ten thousand mountain cities how do?”Become force to hear the big servant say to close the border and then cannot help but asking a way, he has already seen a big servant being also a Xuan.

“Not is have you?Do you also want to be to jilt hand shopkeeper?”The big servant glowers, but facial expression thousand times of injustice, blare …these people all learn from bad habit with young lady, an of all don’t want to take care of!Is too really.

“E!We didn’t know when and leave Hao for sky a mainland.”Become force to remind a way.

“Now not is don’t walk!I have already sought to like successor, you looking at him for me all right.”Big servant way.

“Become force, ten thousand mountain cities you administer on behalf of bottom first!”Is cold if snow is strong to endure to smile an idea of way, she knows, if she works behind the scenes, only afraid become Wu Mei to so easily promise, and she also cant not bear to the heart see big servant that wretchedness Xi the facial expression of the Xi.

“That is all right!”Becoming the force isn’t the way that wishes very much, blare …the young lady appeared publicly, he musted listen to!

“Hey Hey!Those ten thousand mountain cities handed over to you, I closed the border.”The big servant finishes saying, then and directly run don’t copy, Wu!He is afraid that the night grows dream is many!

Is cold if snow sees the big servant run quicker than rabbitly, is not smiled by gain and loss, after, she together what stuffed again meeting, then, and then used about a months to establish for ten thousand mountain cities to defendoof a big, then and Evil-doer and Ping Da et al left ten thousand mountain cities …

Is this time to leave ten thousand mountain cities, she is mainly to want to thoroughly turn on the mainland, conveniently while visiting old friend, however, she took Ping Da to wait a person and became force they then are all stayed by her at ten thousand mountain cities stay in.

But, as long as

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