The Absolute Best Hostgator Coupon Codes

With web hosting and owning your own website becoming commonplace, it is only fitting that coupons and discounts apply more commonly to these services as well. I have the absolute best hostgator coupon codes you will ever need. These will not just give you crazy good discounts, but also unlock some extra features in your hostgator dashboard as well.

Hostgator coupon codes:
This code makes your first month 99% off! It makes the first month’s cost only 1 penny on the monthly hatchling plan!

This code gives you 25% off your entire order! If you are getting more than 1 month at a time then this hostgator coupon code will be by far the best savings for you.

Both of these hostgator coupon codes will be great for you. The best value depends on your current situation. If you know about hostgator and how awesome their hosting is, then I suggest going with the 25% off discount as this will save you the most money in the end.
However, if you just want to try them out or are on a startup budget, then the 1 cent coupon is going to be a lifesaver for you.

No matter which one you choose you will be happy with the service. I know from personal experience and by trying the majority of all hosting providers myself. I hated having downtime and slow websites. I found hostgator and have not had to deal with downtime or a slowly loading site since!

Plus, in addition to getting you the discount, these hostgator coupon codes also unlock extra features on your account. They get you extra one button tools like wordpress installation. Plus you get tons of extra themes and templates for both wordpress and the html builder.
You also get $100 in google adwords credit! This is an insane bonus because you are getting credit that far exceeds the cost of the hosting. If you use your adwords right your site will pay for itself in a month!

One of the great things about hostgator is their live support function. You don’t have to wait on hold on the phone or wait for business hours if you have any questions. You can load up their website chat and someone will respond within minutes. They always answer my questions quickly and have always been super helpful. The other hosting providers i’ve tried could not even help me with a billing error, while hostgator was able to do extremely technical troubleshooting in a fraction of the time.

Remember these hostgator coupon codes will not expire and have no limit on the number of people who can use them. So be sure to share or mention them to any of your friends who might be jealous of your newly found hosting provider!