the boy is suspected suicide

Sichuan Online news (reporter Wu worry Sichuan Online) 6:00 in the evening on the 30th over,,basket air jordan pas cher, Chengdu Emerald City district four a 10 year-old boy died from the fall of home upstairs, after the initial site investigation, the boy is suspected suicide, jumping The reason is still under investigation.

Now,,woolrich sito ufficiale, in the boy’s language textbooks, find the following line of text,piumini outlet, “Teacher, I can not, I jumped several times when retracted come.” The boy suspected due to suicide.

According to the micro Boga V user @ Chengdu Chiang Yi said,hogan olympia donna, the child is Chengdu, a fifth grader, reading out the game due to speak to the teacher left corporal punishment and forced to write a thousand words inspection,nike tn requin,, write less than went to jump, and finally the children choose jumped to his death, the child is written in the language, “Teacher, I can not, I have several times when jumping retracted coming.”

Contact reporter calls to the child’s father Lee,, Mr. Lee said that working with schools, local education authorities negotiated deal with the matter in an interview with reporters after the results came out.

There are residential tenants reflects the boy’s bag was found on the 30th floor,tiffany outlet, probably jumped from the window of the 30th floor. “Doll usually live with her mother and grandmother, mother, or how good baby.” The residents said the boy spoke in class, “the teacher to write checks to make dolls, doll write to, the teacher let the baby go jumping.” After the boy textbooks found message seems to confirm such rumors.

Stepmother,, said the teacher to the children two choices either left standing or write a review

Ms. Wen stepmother Junjun accepted media interviews, describes the situation yesterday afternoon: Yesterday,peuterey uomo, 17:40, Junjun teacher gave me a call,woolrich parka, saying that we need to talk to the children left, I asked the child is not learning out of the question, the teacher said it was not the first: when a child receives a gift because the students see the gift is not complete, it is necessary to give back to the students, very rude through the packaging. 2nd child is not strong sense of honor, while group activities often do their own.

Yesterday, Ms. Wen teacher’s phone call records

Teacher said, I would leave the child to talk privately, not publicly criticized the class, I gave him two choices 1. 2. 1000 words to write a review left standing for an hour, Wang gave the teacher said: “He must would choose left standing for an hour, his least favorite things to write, “said Ms. Wen teacher,tn air max pas cher,, said:.” Junjun not started crying and asked to write a review,tn nike pas cher, if I can not write 1,abercrombie milano,000 words on how to do it not done? how you can say that they do not? “Ms. Wen Junjun very curious why cry, usually do not cry easily.

After Ms. Wen said come back at night with the class teacher will talk Junjun communicate the results of 6:20 pm when I got home that the child was hurt.

Ms. Wen said Junjun 6 years old when he started with him, initially with grandparents, some uncontrollable children, she can also give the child after children tutoring, the past four years,, he and his buddies are Junjun children learn well, Yushu Wai shot in class five,,tiffany gioielli outlet, a few days ago an English speech contest also took first place.

Junjun uncle said the children each week to be on 1.3.5 archery lesson, yesterday it was time to go home, the child has not come home, her mother went out to find the children everywhere until 6:00 had learned that the child has an accident, after police In the 30th floor to find the child’s schoolbag, a language book on the outside, the last one that says that two words.