The cause and treatment method of heating of the bearing of the stone crusher

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Stone stone crusher is a kind of mechanical equipment for crushing and processing stone sand production process, common stone crushing equipment include jaw crusher, impact crusher, hammer crusher, cone crusher and so on, there is a big difference between the performance of different stone crushing machine, mainly to remind the user to bearing stone crusher, bearing stone crushing machine is a weak point.

It’s a professional stone crushing equipment manufacturer. Here I would like to talk about the situation of the bearing temperature rising due to the chance of stone breaking, and what are the causes of this situation and how to deal with this situation. Here is a brief talk to you. The reason that the rotor bearing temperature of the stone crusher is too high may be in the following aspects.

The bearing clearance is too small for the stone crusher to cause the bearing temperature to rise too high. The selection of the grades of the lubricating oil of the stone crusher is not proper, the viscosity is too large or the viscosity is too small to form oil film, which can cause the bearing temperature to rise too high. Especially when the lubricating oil viscosity, not only increases the internal friction between the lubricating oil molecules, but also increases the friction between oil and metals, and excessive heat; improper installation of rubber plate rubber plate coupling is too thick, the stiffness, deflection, bearing friction, leading to rivalry, heat too much.

Knowing the cause of the temperature rise of the stone crusher bearing, the user can solve the problem of the temperature rise of the bearing of the stone crusher according to the reason. The user can meet the specified requirements by adjusting the bearing clearance, and the coaxial degree of the positive motor and the crusher rotor is less than 0.5mm. And using the level of the motor shaft two bearings, crusher flywheel rotor and bearing outer ring respectively for motor rotor and crusher rotor level, and then use the connecting pipe for cable crane review, hammer crusher motor and method review center line straightness, until the meet the requirements so far.

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