The characteristics of Raymond Mill positive pressure wind system

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Raymond mill equipment operating system mainly has Raymond mill and auxiliary feeder, fan, cyclone collector and wind pipe and other equipment. There are mainly three kinds of wind system of the equipment: positive pressure operation system, negative pressure operation system and open circuit operation system. According to our company’s experience of Raymond mill for many years, the following are the characteristics of Raymond Mill positive pressure operation system.

Raymond Mill positive pressure operation system, from Raymond mill fan to main engine part is positive pressure area, from main engine outlet to cyclone collector part is negative pressure area, from large cyclone collector to fan inlet is also negative pressure area. Therefore, in the positive pressure operating system, there are two zero pressure surfaces: one in the fan and the other in the mill (grinding roller and grinding ring).

The characteristics of Raymond Mill positive pressure system are:
1. Most of the fine materials are collected in the large cyclone collector. Only a few small pieces of fine materials pass through the Raymond mill, so the wear of the fan is small.
2. The positive pressure pipe section from the exportation of Raymond mill to the main roller wheel is only about 1m, which is beneficial to the dust prevention in the workshop.
3. the air return box on the bottom of Raymond mill is in the positive pressure area. If the four material holes on the bellows are closed or open frequently, there will be a lot of dust spillover, causing air pollution.
4. When just driving (after opening the fan first), a large amount of dust is taken from the feeding mouth. After a few minutes, the feeding port becomes negative pressure, and the dust will stop spillover.

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