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The development of science and technology in China, vertical roller mill operation technology has made great progress, along with the mining industry technology improves, many manufacturers in China have developed with independent intellectual property rights and successfully applied for various types of grinding equipment industry in the raw material,cement industry of coal, slag grinding. The progress and development of technology not only improve the traditional equipment technology, and promotes the emergence of new equipment, bring greater prospects for development and market space for the mill.

There are currently on the market of grinding equipment category, in each big industry also have good performance, the development of technology has brought a very broad market for the milling equipment. The new mill equipment vertical mill also appear in the new situation,after decades of development, vertical grinding mill grinding technology is relatively mature.The last century since the sixty’s, along with the decomposition outside the kiln technology is put into use and the development of large-scale, vertical grinding mill in cement industry in foreign countries has been widely used, its technical level has been further improved and perfected. Many domestic manufacturers to develop many different types of vertical millingmachine. At present a lot of vertical milling machine on the market, you can choose according to their own needs.

Mill equipment is the main equipment in the mining industry, the development of technology has opened a mill in the market, it is widely used not only in the mining industry, flour mill now plays an important role in construction, chemical industry, water conservancy and hydropowerand milling industry, is a main equipment of machinery on the market at present.