The Diesel Genset Has Diversified Specifications

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As a technology-intensive product, the diesel generator set mainly refers to the various subject technologies of many fields like diesel engine, automatic control, electrical machine and so on. Compared with other generating devices, the diesel genset is of small footprint, compact structure, flexible control and rapid startup, which is widely used in various sectors.

The diesel generator is used to generate electrical power and it can be used in remote areas as emergency generators. Diesel generators can work on 2 or 4 stroke ccles actually. The operators of diesel generator can avoid using one or both of the engine”s valves if a two-stroke cycle is used. The two-stroke engines have a higher power to weight ratio, especially in smaller engines and have a less complicated valve train. Four-stroke engines are more effective. Next, let”s talk something about the cylinders of the diesel generator. They are important parts of the diesel engine fuel oil transfer, cooling and lubrication system. Generally the cylinders will be 6 to 12 cylinders for alarge diesel generator.

When it comes to the cylinder, it is necessary to talk about bore which is the diameter of the cylinder. The diesel generator engine may have two-stroke cycle system if it has a bore larger than 600 millimeters. The diesel generator of the Patriot State, the training ship for the Massachusetts Maritime Academy, used a two-stroke engine with eight cylinders with a bore of 108 millimeters. Well, the piston displacement of diesel generator used to describe the total volume covered by the engine piston when moving up and down a cylinder. The bore and stroke of the diesel generator can determine the displacement of the piston. Also, the displacement can be decided by the distance the piston travels up and down the cylinder. The compression ratio determines how much the fuel is compressed when the piston of the engine is at its highest point.