The Finest Way To Determine The Right Hcg For You

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Researchers have recently discovered that cancer cells also excrete small amounts HCG. This may be part of the reason that using the body’s immune system to fight cancer has proven difficult.

Dr. Simeons developed his findings into the HCG weight loss cure, outlined in his landmark protocol, “Pounds and Inches: A New Approach to Obesity.” Dr. Simeons came to the conclusion that as a baby matures into an adult, his stores of HCG are depleted by chemicals in the environment and in the processed foods he eats. Without hcg diet to regulate the hypothalamus, a person becomes more prone to obesity and has an extremely difficult time losing fat instead of lean muscle tissue. When HCG levels are restored, the hypothalamus is under regulation again and excess fat deposits are burned by the body. When coupled with a low-calorie diet, HCG treatment shows a great rate of success in curing obesity in both men and women.

Wash down all of your healthy foods with the right drinks. Stay away from fattening soda, even if it is labeled “diet.” Fruit drinks are also filled with fattening sugars, as are delicious cappuccinos. You need to drink plenty of water. In fact, doctors suggest drinking 8 glasses of agua a day in order to fill up your belly, while flushing unwanted toxins out of your system. If water is simply too boring for your taste, then drink calorie-free green tea to assist with your weight loss efforts.

HCG diet recipes emphasize consuming large amounts of fluids – water and fruit juices. HCG recipes avoid sugar, oil, butter, hydrogenated cooking oils, fructose corn syrup, and wheat gluten. Breads are allowed from a list that includes tortillas, rice bread, English muffins, and cinnamon rolls.

People who want to lose 15 pounds or less will need 23 days of HCG treatment followed by 3 extra days of the low calorie diet. People who need to lose more than 15 pounds should limit the number of HCG treatments (36 to 42) followed by 3 extra days of the low calorie diet. If you still need to lose more weight; then you need to wait 6 to 8 weeks and control your foods before starting a new HCG Diet cycle. People become temporally immune to the effects of HCG after 42 days of HCG injections, skipping one dosage once per week helps prolong the HCG immunity factor. Skip one dosage per week on the same day each week!

Under the condition of using hcg diet, if you can do according to hcg injections diet plan introduction, the HCG diet can guarantee you enough energy absorb but without any waste to support your weight loss, and that is why HCG diet can lose of weight by schedule and release of little dangers.

The major drawback to the diet program as originally developed was the need for daily injections. Many people are reluctant to inject themselves and don’t have the time to visit a clinic every morning. Even today, the injected form of Human Chorionic Gonadotropin requires a doctor’s prescription.

There is really no reason why pregnant women cannot use essential oils for common problems like morning sickness. Essential oils do not act like pharmaceutical drugs. Physicians in the past have prescribed pharmaceutical drugs with disastrous results. One only has to remember in the 1960’s when over 10,000 babies were born primarily in Europe and Africa with severe birth defects because their mothers took the drug thalidimide to treat morning sickness. Drugs of any kind can be dangerous to the developing fetus especially in the first trimester. Essential oils however are nature’s medicines and do not have the same effects as these drugs. With that said, even nature’s medicines taken in excess can be harmful both to the developing fetus and to the mother.

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