The Generator Sets Keep Pace with the Times

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Diesel power generators are mobile, and they are very convenient. Next let”s get to know them more. Trailer type generator sets are very good for illumination. There are ceiling explosion-proof lights inside the carriage, and there is an operating platform with operating lamps at the right side so that operators can work convenient. With the development of the times, diesel generating set develops into trailer type generator sets which are equipped with inertia driving braking system, parking braking system and emergency braking system in order to make sure that the generator sets can be safe under all kinds of conditions from fixed equipment which has to be fixed on the ground.

What” more, the trailer type generator sets are equipped with supporting wheel which not only can stand the vertical load of the generator sets but also have guiding function at the front of the vehicle, and the whole trailer is equipped with steering lamp, braking lamp and standard plug for the taillight, making the diesel-driven generator more and more simple. Besides, the size of the trailer can be decided by the type, and operators can walk around for operations and maintenance. The exhaust pipe of the trailer type generator sets exhaust down to guarantee the beautiful appearance, and at the same time the generator sets are equipped with fire extinguishers. The trailer frame of the trailer type generator sets takes groove beam to weld into frame construction, and the joints are proper with high strength and toughness, and at the same time it is also equipped with spring suspension structure made of steel plate. Besides, the trailer type generator sets also take welding straight axle in round steel tube with tight structure, so they are safe and reliable.

Trailer type generator sets take removable hanger and flexible dial in order to guarantee the safety in the driving, and they are equipped with four mechanical or hydraulic supporting devices in order to make sure the stability when the power trailer is being operated. In order to take good care of cummins generator sets, we should take coating protection on all exposed metallic processing surfaces in storage period, and all lubrication parts should be filled with enough lubrication, and we should also take the battery out and store it separately. Furthermore, we should check the trailer type generator sets every month, and we should remove corrosion phenomenon on time if we find it.