The main factors affecting the production of ultrafine mill

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How to improve the production capacity of ultrafine mill ? The customer is expected to produce the finished product according to the quality of the material and the production capacity of the equipment. In the Ultrafine Mill production practice, there will be some cause production to reach the expected yield effect of ultrafine mill, so we need to analyze and improve the effect of each factor, to ensure stable and efficient ultrafine mill equipment in the production environment, production work smoothly, and rapid completion of the expected yield.

1. the nature of the material. The properties of the processed materials have a direct effect on the production of ultrafine mill. When the hardness of material increases, the grinding pressure of grinding roller will increase correspondingly with the increase of hardness, but at the same time, the loss of equipment will also increase, resulting in the reduction of the production capacity of the equipment and the lower production of finished products. If the material humidity is too large, in the use of ultrafine grinding in the milling process can easily produce fine powder adhesion, even adhesion in the device components, reduce the production of ultrafine mill efficiency, and the material in the transmission process is most likely caused by a circulating air duct, analyzer, discharge at the mouth of the blocking of the equipment, finished products output cannot meet the predetermined requirements.

2. ultrafine mill processing of fly ash used as roadbed filler, fly ash cement or lime 4~6% 10~12% mixing filler can be used in trench and roadbed filler, strength to meet the requirement of fly ash can not pollute the environment, especially water pollution, its strength is also very high. As the coarse aggregate in the fly ash lime mixture, the early strength of the pavement can be improved.

3. because the production principle of ultrafine mill is through fine powder production grinding roller for rolling mill ring function to make the material, so the grinding and grinding ring quality better, the production of materials more fully, if the grinding roller grinding ring used in a short time after the emergence of serious wear, is unable to reach the grinding material the role of full, low production efficiency and yield of finished products cannot reach the standard.

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