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Sand making machine we usually at the site was seen, not much can contact person, also do not have a comprehensive understanding of the. Now we briefly introduce the various components of the structure of the sand making machine. Sand making machine is composed of a feed hopper, a distributor, a crushing cavity, a bearing, an impeller, a base, a transmission device and a motor consists of several. In every part of doing a simple introduction.

The feed hopper and the distributor of the two to understand at a glance, the crushing cavity is crushed into raw materials at the same time a temporary resident material function. The next talk about sand making machine impeller part, the impeller is key part of crusher, mainly to the distribution of the material evenly to each leave word. The crushing cavity, spindle,motor driving device are arranged on the base with the.

After a brief introduction of the main parts of sand making machine and role. To understand these again said it works better understand. Material from the feed inlet after the distributor is divided into two parts, one part into the impeller, the impeller rotating rapidly, and to material acceleration, so that the material out of the three channel impeller, through a series of impact crusher run out from the discharge port. The process of impact each other in these materialsis not original but with the machine and lining happen. This avoids the abrasion of machine.

Know the work will be the principle of sand making machine discovery, a good sand making machine must withstand wear. So now on the machine to carry on the research and reform.The traditional domestic impact block is made of manganese steel and cast alloy, greatly improve the wear resistance. Believe that with the development of science and technology research, there will be a better material was found to be applied, the emergence of sand making machine that will also have a better.

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