The operation characteristics and the lubrication of ultrafine mill

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The ultrafine grinding was generally used for fine ore grinding and chemical production process for coal grinding or various materials, is a kind of ultrafine mill, because of the need to drop around, material is crushed to 3000 when using it, therefore, need to pay special attention to operate in strict accordance with the manual, improper operation will cause some damage to the mill, reduce the service life of the mill, or cause the ground product size is not qualified, resulting in the production of no, thus causing losses to the enterprise.

Ultrafine mill grinding characteristics

Ultrafine mill mainly includes: grinding, crushing, bucket elevator, storage hopper, feeder, host, analysis machine, cyclone powder collector, dust removal system, wind machine, powder collector, electric control system and sliding bearing etc.. The special need to mention is that the ultra fine grinding of sliding bearings compared with the old Raymond mill rolling bearings, there is a more obvious advantage, it is particularly suitable for ultra-fine powder grinding use. Another transmission system of Raymond mill grinding roller and grinding roller set with large diameter cone structure strength in design and quality as the ultrafine grinding, grinding, grinding roller shaft force is more dispersed, avoid the Raymond Mill easy to appear in the work roll with ultrafine powder breaking and grinding roller cone, so fine grinding is more suitable than Raymond Mill ultrafine powder processing.

Main configuration of Ultrafine mill
In the use of ultra-fine grinding to fine powder during the operation, in addition to the manual instructions, special attention is needed, according to the need for the lubrication of the sliding bearing, must be checked in each class, the use of lubrication oil, can not appear in the case of lack of oil spill and the machine, if it is found that the oil dropped to the following 20mm, should be promptly added oil; if oil is found rapidly decline, considering the oil spill situation, should stop the operation, disconnect the power supply, the grinding roller unloading device, carefully check whether there is oil leakage; in the gas, also want to pay attention to, not more than the standard gas, otherwise the oil pollution caused by overflow for example, will lead to the effect of centrifugal pump oil. Therefore, in the use of ultra-fine grinding, lubrication of the machine must pay attention to the operation, maintaining the height of the oil surface is to maintain the production line of the project focus, in general, the oil surface height error is less than 20mm.

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