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In order to further expand the mechanism of sand production machinery market and product chain, I used the company’s research and development of new process for quarry crusher machine  perfect appearance, the production of mechanical products for building sand Market processing add new breaking mechanism of sand, a variety of our production crushing machine, in the production of high efficiency, low energy consumption advantages favored by users, is the necessary machinery many mechanism sand production line, with the impact type system sand machine experience and sand factory feedback model of high-energy series advantage, mechanism of sand production machinery launched, as a new generation mechanism of comprehensive production equipment to play excellent characteristics, gathering all kinds of advanced technology, aiming at the demand of the market, showing outstanding production capacity and advantage, and constantly expand the market.

The mechanism of sand processing enterprises in the market all the way from, based on high speed feeding capacity of the crusher, high efficiency design concept, carefully build a collection of various kinds of advanced productivity, has the extensive applicability of raw ore,limestone, in all kinds of granite, mountain sand and other industries, can be processed material strength reached 320 MP, for different the hard stone processing,production capacity and high efficiency operation, lower production cost, can improve the production and processing of the overall quantity of the production line, reduce the overall installed power, greatly improve the production efficiency of ore dressing plant economy,stronger.

The mechanical characteristics of sand production mechanism of broken:

1, based on the overall structure optimization, determined the best internal production of feed quantity and the most reasonable processing structure, so the machine output is improved greatly under the same conditions and power conditions.

2, the entire equipment parts into the constitution to estimate the price, but also to determine the whole equipment and parts are combined, so that the whole equipment has been greatly improved in the production and processing, compared with sand making machine of the same kind, have higher listening to stable production performance.

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