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Raymond mill equipment are indispensable equipment, almost everywhere is visible, now all the enterprise demand for Raymond mill is more and more big, but there are many disadvantages of Raymond mill , such as large power consumption, large noise, low efficiency,this also is to let many manufacturers headache problems, because these shortcomings, let Raymond Mill sales not to solve such problems only reform.

With our many years experience of production of Raymond mill machine, in the following four aspects made improvements to solve some users worry.

1, Raymond milling machine want to high work efficiency, is the first to consider the stability,so we first improvement is that the spindle and plum shelf stable structure transformation, to make the machine run more smoothly.

2, users of the Raymond Mill requires not only high working efficiency, also require durable,through research we take analysis of machine part by cavity traditional towed, changed into outer cavity hanging transmission cavity rotary two isolation, after repeated practice, found in this work not only stable and durable.

3, big noise this problem to solve this problem, we have made several changes, noise isolation plate loaded this noise will reduce a lot of material, there is selective, he will automatically choose, there won’t be a material excellent or large, serious impact, issued a strong noise.

4, we consider is clogging problems, will cause blockage, ventilation is a big part of the reason, so we in the ventilation duct, the bellows and by the original horizontal bottom to center tilted 30 degrees, forming a bucket shaped, ensure the bellows, duct always smooth without blockage, thus the wind amount always maintain required. This Raymond mill will always in working state.

The reform of the above Raymond mill, are carried out according to the needs of users,solves the problem of large noise, large power consumption, low working efficiency question,the user does not worry, welcome to our factory, rest assured to buy.

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