The Technical Advantage of Raymond Mill

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Raymond mill is integrated with crushing, drying, grinding and grading transportation. The system is simple and compact, with an area of about 50% of the ball mill system, and can be laid out in the open air, thus reducing a lot of investment cost. The Raymond Mill grinding efficiency is large quantity, can be widely used in mineral processing, building materials, minerals and other fields, for lime grinding effect is very significant, by Raymond mill grinding lime can play a better market value, so it is popular among consumers.

Raymond mill is our company based on years of experience in R & D and production of milling machine, granulated blast furnace slag special products, through multi unit cooperation professional team of painstaking research, the calculation, the thermodynamic system of mill equipment selection calculation, the main parameters are calculated, such as the research and development of superfine powder selecting machine grinding equipment design, it in grinding, drying and grading in one, has the characteristics of high grinding efficiency, drying ability etc.. The simplified process, less area, investment, power consumption is greatly reduced, the service life is long, the operation rate of ultrafine powder buffing new technology high.

After many years of accumulated technology, combined with the customer experience, continuous improvement, Raymond Mill manufacturing quality reliable, energy saving and environmental protection, benefits are obvious, has been recognized by customers, as a new technology in the field of Raymond Mill mark.

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