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Indeed, service providers need to provide the best service possible, but customers should also be requested within a reasonable range, should not liking a proposed beyond the conventional requirements, we should communicate in case of mutual understanding. Instead of ignoring rules and regulations. – User Reviews

On Friday, the newspaper of the ” events were reported, attracted readers and friends to a hot, many users have published microblogging discuss the matter, and Mr. Liu Genrong more enthusiastic readers call the newspaper said, he that was the passenger on the flight, he told reporters at the same time to restore the whole process of the event, Ms. Zhang’s husband was saying in English require flight attendants shut up,, flight attendants, said insulted does not work, then the very fact that the couple was “invited “plane.

Newspaper intern reporter Chun-Xia Liu Wu Jiachuan

Mood: on the plane when complaining

Mr. Liu Genrong told reporters after his own back in Guam, on the record of this matter on his blog, he also described the situation in detail to reporters inside the cabin at the time, two rows of “At the time, the couple sat on my back, I They look like on the plane when he complained about a little something, flight attendants in the United States began to organize the luggage compartment when a flight attendant about the location you want to change their place of package, which would also facilitate other passengers luggage, probably at this time They found a flashpoint of it, “Mr. Liu said they were shouting up, he still clearly remember a couple stewardess Miss Chang said:”? Why do you touch my things. ”

This scene, screen name “zzsmithma” Liu’s friends in the following blog post replies also described this scene, “I happened to be sitting next to the couple, the situation is the one who put down other people’s luggage for the flight attendants, the Ms. Zhang, who put the luggage back, Ms. Zhang disagreed, saying the flight attendants and other people’s luggage when she lay down, she then arranges. They negotiate some languages, and later men boarding and saw two men some language dispute, ask Why do flight attendants. ”

Language: English let flight attendants shut

And Liu told reporters on the flight attendants still explain his position to arrange for their luggage when Ms. Zhang’s husband is impatient,, “he was shut up in English to let the flight attendants (you shut up! You shut up, In English-speaking countries are impolite language), the stewardess asked him why he wanted her to shut up, but the very fact that her husband just kept repeating these words to shut up. “I remember at the time the flight attendants told her own colleagues who can not stand Passengers manner of speaking, I feel insulted, she can not continue to do the job. “Mr. Liu said the relationship between language may be unskilled, the very fact that a couple of words in communication may make the other person that they have a great hostility, coupled with a strong tone of some of the two, which led to the case of flight attendants alarm.

User “zzsmithma” reply also wrote: “Then will come a Chinese airport staff and passengers said flight attendants ask you to go on,moncler parka, otherwise she could not complete the flight, but they still stick to their views, until the captain police report, said the passengers off the plane you have to,piumini moncler outlet, or else everyone has to stay in Guam today. “Mr. Liu said,piumini moncler, It was at that time the couple did not realize the seriousness of the matter.

Scene: five heavily armed police

Liu said, the next thing is like American movies, people suddenly back, but God.

American flight attendant opened the cabin door has been closed, this time a Chinese understand the ground to communicate with two passengers boarding, ask them to bring the luggage off the plane, and said, “You no fewer aircraft, the aircraft can not take off.” The reason given is: flight attendants because of your rude behavior, mood has been affected, as long as you see it does not work for the other passengers; Furthermore,piumino moncler, because your erratic behavior likely to cause insecurity in flight.

In this case, the very fact that cried: This is impossible! The plane was killed I do not! At this time, the cabin corridor have stood a good five heavily armed American police, “You have violated the US national security regulations, the plane must undergo further review, if you do not cooperate, we will take coercive measures in accordance with law.”

Seeing this, the very fact that their emotions a little excited,, “Well, I apologize to her?” But it was too late. The very fact that the couple out of the door in under police escort. Shortly thereafter, the aircraft cabin door slid closed runway to take off.

Miscommunication: that can go boarding

Miss Chang told reporters that he is under 12-year-old daughter by himself fly back,air jordan pas cher, which is a lot of hot friends that, while Mr. Liu told reporters that they have a daughter about it, Chinese passenger plane was not know. “Maybe they did not sit in the seat and relationship with it, and when they did not, and the plane’s flight attendants say they have a daughter.”

Liu recalled US police read to them in English,moncler milano, they are in violation of the regulations, but the relationship seems to be the language barrier, they were not able to clearly understand what is read, which led until the very fact that they still think anymore energy up, so leaving a daughter.

“Commentary fast

Respect the rules of respect for the law

□ Ding Ye

Chinese couple were American crew “catch” the next flight, the 12-year-old daughter back to Shanghai alone …… so eye-catching, but also instantly arouse people’s emotions exploded news two days of the pan as speculation on the web uproar. In the school of righteous condemnation yet of cooling the occasion, yesterday,basket tn nike, and a man claiming to users with passengers released another version of the events. The latter referred to earlier media interviews with the parties say but there is discrepancy, it is like watching a Rashomon.

However, neither the parties or with passengers but had mentioned that it is because of the baggage Chinese couple had an argument the problem with the crew. “My husband emotions may be more excited,” was off the plane so the very fact that a passing of her husband and the crew of “confrontation”, and in the same plane passengers in the narrative,, this sentence is filled with many details,, so that people see to another round of the whole story. Understanding of international civil aviation law will understand whether these “filler” is not the whole truth of the matter,woolrich parka, because the very fact that a couple problems with the crew luggage bitter dispute act itself regrettable. In the so-called blooded licking wounded “self-esteem”, but people need to re-learn “respect” word.

Flight of countries, like the extension of their territories, both of which country the passengers, the crew has the necessary arrangements and obey instructions,nike tn requin, rules here are neither related to national wealth, has nothing to international disputes,, the only principle is the safe operation of the flight . And respect for the rules, respect for the law,, for truly cherish peace and goodness of the heart of a people, not hard to do. It is hard to imagine, is to what extent the “dispute” will be ordered under the machine,, but it is not difficult to imagine that Americans follow the rules, to fulfill the rules of paranoia.

With strong and prosperous country, more and more people have the opportunity to go abroad, to re-learn “respect” meaning one in order to truly reasonable manner mentality and exotic cultural communication and exchange will become an increasingly important issue. When etiquette and civilization is becoming a new international language of today, I hope every one of the people living thousands of ceremonies spread of the language can become a messenger.

“Prompted again

Please listen to the crew on the plane

Such contradictions inside the cabin on the outer face,moncler bambino outlet, the reporter interviewed a lot of the country’s captain, which often accept an international flight mission commander says,woolrich sito ufficiale, especially when boarding foreign language is a very important communication tools, if you are unsure, let the other expression is misleading situation will always happen,hogan prezzi, and the contradictions will intensify relations with the language barrier. He said: “Especially in the United States, may sometimes some domestic passengers mistakenly machine or emotional security when brought inside the cabin, so this time we need mutual understanding, the basic to the crew arrangements based, such as the problem of placing luggage , they will not throw passenger baggage, certainly under the premise of safety, all passengers on the way to facilitate proper placement of the machine. “