There is definitely a connection between LeBron James and China

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There is definitely a connection between LeBron James and China. James is a Nike athlete, and Nike is making serious money in the China area pulling in $464 million in revenue in the recently concluded Cheap Lebron James Shoes fourth quarter. (That almost ten percent of Nike overall $5.1 billion fourth quarter haul.) Nike has targeted China with LeBronbranded regionspecific basketball shoes for years.According to [CNBCs Darren] Rovell Kobe popularity is least two times bigger than LeBron in China, a fact that has caused Kobe jersey to continue to be the number one selling jersey in China.And the reason for this is:[A]ccording to Terry Rhodes, owner of a marketing firm in Shanghai, the Chinese are attracted only to champions a category that (as has been widely harped on, particularly after the Cavaliers loss to the Celtics this year) LeBron is yet to fall under.

They play great team ball. They fast. They athletic. The Lakers made a big statement Thursday night, exorcising some Finals demons and knocked off the Celtics in overtime Friday night at TD Banknorth. Apparently, they weren’t quite done talking. Sunday afternoon in Cleveland, the Lakers capped off a perfect sixgame road trip, beating the Cavaliers 10191 to a) put a blemish on Team LeBron’s heretofore blemish free home record, b) give themselves. I totally agree about the amounts they pay athletes. Ridiculous. We wonder why our country is in such poor shape financially all the people who don’t really deserve millions get millions and nothing goes to the people who truly need it.

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