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Some firms have launched the new limestone sand making machine, it’s designed and developed according to the Chinese limestone qualities and operating situations, adopting the unique rotor structure and wear-resistant supplies technologies and casting production technology, it has improved the equipment overall performance and crushing impact and has been applied to the ultra-crushing operations of limestone. Based on the market place research, probably the most in depth applications in the limestone sand making machine on the market would be the following 3 industrial locations.

Limestone could be the key raw material of manufacturing cement, lime production, and calcium carbide, also it is actually an important developing materials, meanwhile, the high-quality limestone following ultrafine grinding is extensively utilised in paper, rubber, paint, coatings, pharmaceuticals and other product’s manufacturing.

First, it really is made use of for the crushing and sand making with the limestone and river sand in aerated concrete block field. The stone particle size on the limestone sand maker made is uniform, it totally comply with all the requirements from the mortar stone top quality, and also the powder quantity is higher, which can raise the performance with the aerated concrete blocks inside the production course of action. It not simply can have a superior influence on the limestone crushing, but additionally can greatly decrease the mill energy consumption and save production fees.

Second, it is actually utilised for the plant dry desulfurization limestone powder preparation. Amongst the more desulfurization technology, the limestone – gypsum flue gas desulfurization technology is the existing mainstream technology, it not just could make the ultra-fine powder of causing the waste and secondary pollution controlled less than 10%, and also the low investment, low energy consumption, achieving the big breakthrough in the desulfurization limestone milling equipment technologies.

Third, it really is widely utilised in the field of limestone crushing cogeneration (limestone production line). Limestone sand making machine, based around the steady crushing  impact, significant production and reasonably priced qualities, has develop into the well-known limestone crushing and sand producing equipment amongst the concrete mixing plants, and sand making factories. And the limestone sand making an enclosed style, properly minimize the noise and dust pollution, in line with today’s national industrial improvement of energy saving green development road.