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Because those miscalculated the market,tiffany and co bracelets, and have been doomed and city make no guild,tiffany and co company, could not help but have in mind scold a sentence: “the Japanese pig!”However, the Black Dragon Society’s vice president Tokugawa Miro’s heart is full of bitterness. The cunning Chinese, actually play!The city built to win,, the black dragon society!Because they are more than anyone, eager to be the first settlers alien members than any country. They want to build a new Japanese Empire in the conquest of star! For hundreds of years, population is increasing in Japan, despite their wildly in the sea of Japan established the artificial city many, but still not enough to accommodate the growing population.But even worse is the sea of Japan undersea volcano activities have become increasingly frequent, according to prediction, in one hundred years, the territory of Japan has 80% probability will produce a super volcano eruption. At that time, the whole country about 2/3 of the land will therefore be destroyed on one day!This is a disaster, the disaster there was no parallel in history!To this end, the Japanese nationals are eager to be able to come out of Japan, built extensive colonies in the Japanese native soil. But, in a day than a day before the powerful Chinese, all this is gone! One hundred years ago, Japan was a national forces, launched a lightning attack, in half a month and captured the island of Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, the four northern islands, and plans to put them forward as the springboard, attack the Asian mainland hinterland, in order to rebuild the Greater East Asia Co-prosperity sphere.But did not expect, always in their eyes regarded as sick cat China suddenly angry, brazenly troops. The island of Taiwan, the Korean Peninsula, the four northern islands all back within a week! But also put in the sea of Japan all the man-made city sink all! With more powerful force to Japan’s armed forces were all destroyed!The cunning Chinese, it is too terrible! They thunder back, that they knew the Blitz plan of Japan, but pretend to know nothing at all like, secretly cohesion force, let Japan launched the war. Then the decisive attack again in the Japanese national foot not stable condition, in one fell swoop wiped out of Japan’s main force!From the Japanese country permanently lost independent armed power, but after leaving, completely lost confidence in the Japanese National Immigration overseas. Especially the loss of a large number of senior talent, but talent pool is reduced to below the warning line. If the deep foundation is not Japan for hundreds of years to save, and countries represented by France and China will not stop, lest, so the support of Japan’s words,cheap tiffany & co jewelry, I’m afraid Japan already completely reduced to three countries!Thought of here, Tokugawa Miro painful groan: “the cunning chinese!”But every cloud has a silver lining., conquer the stars that have brought new hope to all the Japanese people! As long as can take out of the earth, immigration to conquer the stars, will be able to rebuild the Japanese Imperial glory! Since then, the Japanese people will be able to completely get rid of generations are pestering their nightmare!Therefore,!相关的主题文章:

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