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This is equal to the red of the experience gained value increased by 20 times!But the Reds the fire monkey also different general summoned creatures, their rank increases as the Reds level increases!Blink of an eye has five, sixty game player into red experience value, red rating to the roller coaster like rose to eleven! And every time he upgrade, fire monkey also follow up to the next level, fire monkey per liter level state of full recovery!Filled with blood! Blue man! The state is full!So the game player killed dozens of the fire monkey, but a dead!But the fire monkey or ten at a time when their skills also follow the upgrade!Flare, level 2, 1580 fire damage.Self: Level 2, injures 2300, burst attack range two meters!If just red and fire monkey or a flock of sheep stronger sheep, now they are the flock of wolves!But the game’s popularity rate is too wide, the light is near the new village,tiffany and co earrings, there are tens of thousands of game player! Is red and fire monkey killed the game player know Red badly, not dare rushed after the resurrection. And those far away game player just heard the game first appeared in the village, there was an artifact, but still 0. So they are like locusts rush back to the village, who do not want to pick up a cheap?Red kill her red eyes, he took the twenty fire monkey from the village to the west of the village, from the village of the south to the north of the village, from the village to the outside of the village, in the village of leveling area suddenly killed, and then back to the new village! Often and often, red village killed a few times, even new village road to red blood!Not long after, red rank increases to eighteen, the fire monkey level up to level eighteen! In the village, eighteen of the game player has been regarded as a master of the master, and attribute allergic red not only itself,tiffany cufflinks, but also in the hands of the gold hoop stick or an artifact! He is also carry the world before one!If tens of thousands of game player this new village can unite together, then red then metamorphosis is not likely to kill so many game player. But the novice game player who doesn’t know,, hold a cheaper mentality here fish in troubled water, even shot attack other game player. So they have no way to create an effective threat to red!”TMD! Which ash grandson cut at me behind my back!”Ha-ha. Call you just grab my strange!””Rogue! We dare to eat tofu! Aunt I castrate you!””Yeah! Iron equipment! This is the first I see, all his mama don’t grab, this is my!”New village chaos…….The new village there have been thousands of game player is killed once,tiffany and co outlets, red and fire monkey added up to kill but also hundreds of it, most of the game player is the other game player managed to kill!Now eighteen of the red, not the tens of thousands of food

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