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They shouted, no one can conquer our will, even in a “conquer” game! To take the Rainbow City, it is only from our body taguo!Two four three, to attack the village (a)The four guild members of one’s blood boils with indignation., and red blood is boiling are taking the bubble. Originally red to eighty countries coalition thoroughly to a fundamental solution,tiffany and co jewelry, but now, since there are going to touch the fish water, make some of “body” come to establish a “Saint guards”, hey hey hey hey…… Not say we brothers will discharge water……”Conquer” game rules, any Guild Headquarters, in the destroyed within 6 hours not to apply for to establish system of resident, the resident permanent destruction. Or guild resident in accumulated twenty-four hours (twenty-four hours a day is the cumulative number of hours of protection than system) is continuously destroyed, three, the station also permanent destruction. (guild resident was destroyed after the establishment of a new system, the protection period, of three days and system protection period, this three days regardless of the accumulated twenty-four hours)If the station is the only station guild, the resident permanent after the destruction, the guild will immediately be mandatory dissolution. After the dissolution of the guild (guild, all assets (not all personal assets confiscated by system)…… 55555, this system is better than Zhou Bapi also black…)Now, the eighty nations allied brigade has set out,tiffany co company, out of time, to reach the rainbow city on the last day of the monster. This is given to the red, with an opportunity!Although, to submit application system across the city war, can be remote application by guild president. But, the key problem is, transmission across the city all set up in each city. As red as a super Reds game player, as long as a Kao near the city will be guards attack. The Reds strength now,tiffany outlet store, humiliate dozens of level of the game player is no problem, want to bully is at least 400 city guard? It is have a death wish.So, when the Reds make guild station coordinate Zhenwofengcai collection the eighty nation coalition members, although the unique and really my style has some doubts that red will not single-handed to destroy those guild resident, but I think he is a super big red name game player, the normal condition cannot enter the main city. And now “guild tournament” has ended, “suppression of qualification certificate” of evil value also has been eliminated, the red is simply no way to go to other city, so it gave up the suspicion.But they forget,, between each big city territory natural barrier, although so far no one has been able to successfully passed, but this does not mean the karma cannot be!Take the red village located in one hundred thousand mountains, is the three main border!According to the old marshal, at the southeast end of one hundred thousand mountains, there are three was “T-shaped” isolation belt. Each belt are twenty wide, long to a few hundred miles, the three main territory completely isolated. In isolation, can not use any spells or skills.相关的主题文章:

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