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But not only in the hair, red.The red heart movement, “is,tiffany and co store, how is it. Magic trap, in fact is a magic. The game player magic first stored in a trap. Target the pitfalls, and then start?.Red rose, slowly recede. Barely moved, a suction trap. Attracting renju, playing his hand “”. But the attraction is “everyone phosphorus fireball. Just slightly shaking, but firmly “long. In the red in the palm of your hand.With red and far away from the trap, he felt the force more and more weak. And red to trap two meters away from the place, call a sound. “Everyone,” bomb to fly out, falling far in more than ten away. Although the fundamental there wasn’t a sound, but on the ground suddenly appeared one and a half meters in diameter of the “small”. Pit.Hey, will-o ‘- the-wisp playing belongs to Yin fire. Although there is no earth-shattering acousto-optic effect, but the power to fire magic “authentic fireball. Also a lot of, can kill people in the invisible and silent. It is the perfect Yin people skills!Because the cooling ability red now “- scale fire bomb” is Tian second letter, require seconds to cast again. So the Reds took a few steps forward. Go to the next trap, and cast a “white phosphorus flame claws”. Sure enough, the “white phosphorus flame claw” and now that “renju will-o ‘- the-wisp playing”, is not as usual to fly out, but the Reds front ground of heart circling.However, the next step, how is this “bone phosphorus flame claw” placed into the trap? Don’t. It is with the idea of? Red eyes fixed on the middle part opposite him trap, thinking in my mind. The “white phosphorus flame claw” placed in that position. The results, in his eyes. There was a white dot,, and the system prompts voice rang at the same time,tiffany and co online, “the confirmation of the” white phosphorus flame claws. Placed in here?”Halo! That system has placed tips, also have no too much difficulty! However, after all, is what. The game has prompted, it should be.Red choose not, and then around the trial, results in a trap, whether it is at the top of the trap,, or traps along, as long as it is in a trap, be placed!After tried again, red wrote at the “bone phosphorus flame claws” on the trap in the middle, this just came to this “bone phosphorus flame claws, little has actually in front of him to two minutes.This is an interesting phenomenon, the prompt magic unexpectedly also can become water without hair “ambiguously, red seems to thought of what, but close to, but what did not want to come out.But shook his head, put it in my mind.Next, and then placed what magic is good? Is the only place magic skills, or he can be? Red try tried a “silver bullet” attack “actually silver bullet attack” can also be placed in this trap like magic! Perhaps, “a silver bullet attack” itself is the magic?.

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