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Those tight around his body green vines above suddenly numerous spines along the gap, his clothes to his body punch!But his private Daguai brigade members or where not to, although these spikes tie ANN in the skeleton and the Lich who seem to have no feeling. But their value of life is also Kuangxiang, head out on a green characters.Wood poison!These spikes inside with wood poison, but can let the undead in a state of intoxication! The toxicity of drama that has no less than as king of the 100 insects!These wooden poison even undead will resist, other pets red summon more resist. If it were not for “answer song” super return action, I won’t take a minute, half the team red to life clear.However, time reply song only old minutes! It has been nearly ten minutes, only minutes! Moreover,tiffany & co outlet, the red now tied the like dumplings, the gold hoop stick also fell, he was unable to move, unable to launch another song “reply”!It is a group five saints, each with a stunt!However, although the red hands, feet tied. But,cheap tiffany & co jewelry, he still can send skills!He can also use the mouth to skills: silver bullet attack!Silver bullet attack: level, crazy fee strong called mouth, jet composed of particle silver bullet silver bullet storm, attack distance of 2 meters, continuous, yo seconds, particle physical damage caused opponents. Ribs caused dizziness, duration of force. The silver bullet hit burst, causing the opponent,. Particle magic damage. The cooling time of fetal seconds.Da dada Da, a series of like a machine-gun burst sound resounds, red front two meters green vines were all shot to pieces! The red hands also restored the freedom!Than the north, WanMoreover,tiffany and co sale, the red surprised to find! Hit the “silver bullet attack” under the green vines, though still to grow out of, but the speed is slow anomalies!”Bug! Call upon the silver beetles leader!” Red glad cry out, and then picked up the gold hoop stick, converting it into Zijin lute shape, the fingers of the right hand in Zijin Pipa strings pull, a song, a tremolo. Dozens of a foot long flashing Hanguang Liren from Zijin Pipa around mase out. All of a sudden, sharp the place visited, all green vines all inch cleft!Jinnengke wood! Although the function of “King Pro world” on the green vines, no, but “gold edge dance” cut green vines is like a knife like tofu easy.Although the “golden blade dance” can only cut off the vine, but not like a “silver bullet attack” that delay the green vine growth, but wins in quantity, speed. In the local scope, even more than the green vine growth speed and quick points!The same time, heard red commanded bug, also call out two cushions grade silver beetles leader, two. The silver beetles leader appeared,tiffany co authentic, it opens the big!相关的主题文章:

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