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“Red to saw a health eye, thoroughly despised a lord it over others, then said, “I see Laojun, this is in our relationship has not been thin face, just let you when the first national religion. If you don’t want to do it, want to give me the red nations as the first country to teach more people went to”Lao hurriedly smile apologetically, “don’t you don’t we have no opinion absolutely no opinion you wait, I’ll report back the Jade Emperor”Next, the red met respectively with his Shakya Muni, God, Satan, Jose and Ella, stationed in the special representative of the red city.Since the Reds will be after the founding of the PRC, the big five, also to the Red Nations sent messengers, and build the house of a lot of. Although unlike Taoism as exaggerated, in every village units red country are built the Sanqing mountain view points (in fact, the house is red wrong, those village guild resident, not three points, but…… In the town of Temple), but above the level of the resident, have built the temple.But this not only red always take the attitude of silence, but also not to charge them the land use fee. (Khan, other guild if you want the church to establish temple,tiffany & co outlet, at the fort had to pay a fee to the church. To the original red to bright Union, bright union leader,tiffany authentic, I am the light, use light sacrifice, contributed one million of the faith, to get the bright God permit, in the light of Union established to conquer the first temple in the game. Seemingly, the temple was one of Sun Wukong’s help to remove the monkey monkey. This matter has become my is light, and the light of God a god of the pain in his heart forever.)The head of several denominations, are red “grace”, nature also feel shy to red charge any fees. Therefore, the six major sects in the red nations in the name is not correct, but the words but to spread.While the major sects, sent the special representative of the red city, nature has also been inspired the protector, a red paper of teaching the things, have agreed to immediately.Therefore, during the day, the red nations as more than seven countries teachUh…… Not the six major sects? Why are there seven big teach?Originally, the monkey Sun Wukong heard that red China is establishing the church after the event,tiffany & co outlet reviews, pester around red, said it has just set up a church, called “the monkey to teach”. “The monkey is taught”, not “st.”. And the monkeys from any monkey teach first hierarch. But in order to be able to let the red to let it the subject-predicate “monkey”, became the first seven red Chinese teaching, it back to red with a “monkey” the deputy leader of the head. But also mysteriously to red promise, this “deputy leader” of the title, will give the red will bring a beat all harvest.Of course,tiffany & co authentic, light to prostrate, monkeys to the red of a real advantage, that is he reopened the “God stone fragments” summon Hu ā fruit mountain monkey soldiers functionBut, also abolished the only friendly degree reached more than 90,.相关的主题文章:

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