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“After a sigh, red looked one eye, the awareness of right, heard from all through the Black Dragon Society game player, his lips a cruel smile. “I haven’t had the time to find your trouble, but who let you put the game beyond one’s ability in the first state to give to the auction? You will get used to it “Hands to drink blood ghost knife lightly one Zhan, immediately turned into gold hoop stick shape, a hundred fire monkey be full of joy from turned red round out, waving his hands toward pseudo around the black dragon will play this rush.Subsequently, the red nothingness Bracelet gently spin, a dazzling gold bracelet from nothingness in laser out, palm – sized Linglong tower Magic now red front. Red light spells, Linglong tower made with gold, Linglong tower with gold continued to enlarge, the moment turned into a more than thirty meters high towering pagodaThe black dragon city of a rock.Linglong tower with a fall in the Black Dragon Society in front of the town hall, the gate blocking the wearer, and more than one thousand cents soldiers of God in the spirit, roared out, relentlessly toward the Black Dragon Society game player rushedAt the same time, the red city inside the castle, more than ten thousand armed red will fight game player, valiant spirited, be prepared to meet the challenge.Suddenly, transfer matrix on the square to take up the bursts of lightAlready waiting in the transmission, has some can scarcely wait the deicide the zephyr’s eyes light up,tiffany co pendants, shouted a voice, “brothers and sisters and I kill the donkey on the go”Then, he take the lead into the transfer matrix, the instant disappeared. Next, he appeared transmission in Linglong tower,tiffany co jewellery, and wildly roar a, Linglong tower from wearing out, directly to kill the Black Dragon Society in city hall.Close on the heels of his figure, and quiet flows the Don would roar rushed out. The right hand is one Yang, a red glow emitted from his hands, instantly, in front of him appeared a width of ten meters, nearly fifty meters long, composed of numerous arm thickness of dragon river of fireAnd quiet flows the donAnd quiet flows the Don’s famous magic, “Quiet Flows the don”But late one step God * * had depressed sigh, had to stay Chuan Shou array edge, tens of names will battle game player command, quickly and orderly by transfer matrix is connected with the exquisite tower,tiffany jewelry 2013, catch the everfount to black dragon cityAfter the game player out red will fight, and did not like the deicide the zephyr,tiffany co store, and quiet flows the don, to the Black Dragon Society headquarters rushed. But according to predefined deployment, rapid release of symbiotic soul tree and flying mounts bird. Then along the Black Dragon Society city spread out, not a moment, along the black dragon city hall, in the three layer, three layer covered with soul tree, in the black dragon society outside the city hall, as if to establish several trees for wallsThe point DayuanRed’s objective, just grab the order, he would like to take this opportunity, the black dragon will crippleThree 0 three, chooseThree 0 three, chooseThis battle, you

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