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Although damage is not high, but wins in the large coverage area. Pick up regular cheap, the Reds sonic attack suffered only a layer of skin blood B to hang.While the six ear than simply matchless also ruthless, by also allergic than warriors HP and defense, almost always on the edge of the top line. The silver beetles leader silver bullet attack although each can be dense spray 200 grains, and dense vain against but can not break of six ears. As long as they don’t freeze ice silkworm head, six ears, one after another to hit the sky.Fortunately, red with purple Pipa start reply song allergy extremely, second replies to 650HP, 325MP, so the six ear not Yu. And the six ear level than when I met ice silkworm high a lot, and now want to freeze in six ears is not easy!Zhenwofengcai performance is more outstanding, although Fantian meteor fire only 10 minutes at a time, but as a Fire Mage, her magic attacks also can not be small. The magician is one of the highest attack occupation, and the Fire Mage attack even in the top of each department is in the magician! Especially when I have the demeanor of the reach level 70 or above,tiffany & co reviews, the high attack characteristic is her show most incisive! Fireball meteor rain of fire, fire, magic wall…… One by one the magic hit out, when her level up to level 80, against a level 99 ice silkworm leaders have no problem!Now, the matchless level has risen to 98 from 99,tiffany co authentic, only half the class. While the Reds level reached 92, Zhenwofengcai kill B, and the lowest level, so the experience is also up, and now she has reached 90, and the red only level 2 gap.While the three pet red also got a lot of experience value, six ears to rise to 71. The rose to 70, and King Kong also rose to 69!Now,, the big devil calling number has been full of unique dragon body, only the last chance. What to do next? To be or not to continue the war!Red, unique and really my style three people exchanged glances, battle of! We must fight!…………True my elegant demeanour “Fantian meteor fire” explode again, put more than 700 size B of the value of life all 0. True my elegant demeanour had to suspense and go up a level, reached 91, and the Reds level one level.Zhenwofengcai heart very happy, when this morning, she is only the 50 stage,, is now 91! However, compared with the rise of grade, she cares more about and red fought! Looked at before the body upright and vigorous figure, Zhenwofengcai couldn’t resist a smile. To tell the truth, she has never been so high strength to play the game, now already very tired, but every time I think of is and he together side by side to do battle, her body will be full of vitality.Without the heart is full of exclamation points, after the morning to join the red team, she saw red almost all day in the battle..

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