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Go through fire and water, then not ci”This words, hear God eyes look thicker ice. Hear true my elegant demeanour hands lips charming with laughter. Hear the peerless straight wrinkle eye shake head wry smile. Hear “cousin” Yun unbearable, sharp sharp and tender thumb like red waist.Uh…… Unfortunately, in the game, she twisted and ruthless, red is not pain.However, waist not painful, aching head.Red is a headache,tiffany co sale, how to find the whereabouts of the old Valley Lord god.In the conquest of the game, not the region is hundreds of times add up all the city territory, this * * Valley is a do not belong to any city. If the food poison to teach all the gods of old Valley Lord casually in the possession of a does not belong to the main range of the deep mountains and forests, the find is to look for a needle in the oceanWhat am I gonna do? What am I gonna do?Red was hesitating, Yun suddenly shouted in surprise, “look at this altar as a transfer matrix”A awoken him red cling to a small art, in her blowing shells can be broken face is “Za” with a kiss. “Hate” Yun Jiao Chen sound, face red, he is happy in the heart.But really I style and unique but also issued a cold humRed with a laugh, open the tiger arm,, left to get the right to hold the two women in the bosom,tiffany and co company, two-pronged approach, one kiss.In a charming denounced and powder boxing * *, red laughed, crazy drink a voice,tiffany co cufflinks, “come to save the old Valley Lord to god”This is one to ten days, food poison also teach’s good, in the conquest of mainland was close to a hundred points altar red one by a transfer matrix transfer in the past, the average daily to destroy seven or eight food poison to teach the altar every altar are the same and food poison teach a total altar, black collar, collar, silver, gold, platinum brought a lot of. And they play obviously than zongtan the men in black flexible many, far and near kill No.However, the Red Army after the battles will be run-in, mutual cooperation is more and more understanding, more and more skillful tactics. And they use food poison congregation tactics, also equipped with a large number of the row of crossbowmen. A small part of the row of the crossbow is from the black man falling down, one can shoot ten Gangnu, within fifty meters, can be easily into the rock. Most of the rows of the crossbow is red will life game player imitation “copycat row crossbow”. Although the copycat, but the performance point is not bad. Compared with the authentic to the only drawback is that the installation of steel bolt difficult.But this is a disadvantage in red eyes is not a problem, the order, the red will all live game player, doing nothing, full production copycat row crossbow red will battle game player, although now only about eight thousand, but the number of game player has more than fifty thousand lifeOf which thirty thousand are full-time or part-time blacksmith, they spend all day long practice skills in the East China Sea cave, update speed is a little less than the eight thousand day blood to blood to combat game player how much slowerThe fast increase in MP level, the nature also quickly. There are plenty of相关的主题文章:

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