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this piece of work admissions.In Beijing, the hospital more prominent structural problems, three hospitals are overcrowded, two,tiffany collane, inadequate utilization level midwifery institutions. In this regard,air max femme pas cher, the relevant departments in Beijing said it would take various measures to amplify the proportion of maternity beds, equipped with first aid equipment to increase.Henan Province Population and Family Planning Commission preliminary statistics and organize experts on population estimates,abercrombie, Henan smooth implementation of the policy at an average annual student population of more than approximately between 5-8 million. Guangdong annual increase of about 100,000 to 130,000 newborns, and Beijing, more than a year will be born 30000-5 million.With the introduction of a separate two-child policy over the rules,moncler sito ufficiale, beginning this year, the data will not only stay on paper.

I was an extra bed, a large room, the rest is not good. To this production with a lot of people do.Huainan City First People’s Hospital main Renzhou Ping said, “Two-child policy alone, for most people it is a good thing, but for the hospital,nike tn, it is a bad news.” Because “a lot of high-risk groups to focus fertility hospitals can not afford. In addition,doudoune femme moncler, the number of free pregnancy eugenic check risen sharply, but also to the hospital difficult. “Zhou Ping: If the second child later released, for our part, are perennial state certainly persist. In particular, had a second child after release,hollister londra, old women will increase. Her age with older mothers adapt to than her abortion rate will increase, giving birth rate will increase,abercrombie firenze, disease complications, especially during pregnancy, diabetes, hypertension will increase, will increase surgical bleeding.In many parts of the country.

and many hospitals will usher in more mothers produce. Added different parts of the population, number of hospitals vary, and how local conditions to take targeted measures to deal with this year, the relevant departments need to take precautions.(Original title: separate two-child policy rules have been introduced to integrate resources greet maternity hospiPeople News: According to the Russian military messenger network May 14 reported that the Turkish bidding range air defense and anti-missile defense system activity is currently nearing completion.

especially a second-tier cities, obstetrics long-term shortage of beds,outlet woolrich, outpatient overcrowded, baby boomers face two-child policy and the upcoming release, how to resolve a separate two-child policy has brought pressure on hospitals to be solved become problems.Zhejiang Province FuBao re-birth counseling clinic has begun to accept patient counseling, hospital obstetrics main Renhe Jing said the new clinic is to integrate the various sections of the resource.He Jing: If a pregnant woman is relatively simple cases, the doctor-patient when looking at can be solved, you can generate or not. If this person before birth involves a very serious heart disease,christian louboutin pas cher, with an obstetric experience is not enough, that this case will certainly want to stay,barbour catalogue, we’ll conduct a discussion.He Jing, said the new department both for young parents at the time of registration will be more convenient.

on the other hand, it can improve the quality of fertility.He Jing: I put it plainly, this person can not be born a second and tell her yes or no, if the line, she should pay attention to what’s in the early stages of pregnancy,tn, what the mid-note, what the late attention. That is, we put simply, is to ensure the quality of obstetric and maternal safety.Currently, Anhui some large hospitals have started renovation,hogan, expansion, new construction, in order to increase beds,barbour france, expanded service capabilities, improved conditions of service, ease the current fundamental contradiction.Huainan City First People’s Hospital Medical Services Deputy Chief of Hong Derui: We now from hardware, our clinic building is under construction and will soon be put into use, when put into use after outpatient building,abercrombie hollister, we obstetrics and gynecology outpatient clinic more than that now several.Hong Derui said that the future of maternal hospitalization conditions will also be improved.Hong Derui: inpatient this one, we now have a two-tier building of Obstetrics and Gynecology, in order to meet this one, will be based on the actual situation of our yard patient volume,tiffany roma, the internal make an appropriate adjustment to their birth mothers do checks pregnancy testing and birth as well as the next step after pregnancy.

but fear also comes hand in hand.”Usually the hospital many people, especially the children conceived from the beginning Wai Paul, yeah,tiffany italia, are particularly difficult, just like war, like all day, and we all want to go to a good hospital,hogan olympia uomo, that people particularly. Worried about the future, people will be more it. “Although most parts of the country are now also developing two separate children’s specific rules, far usher baby boom, but many obstetric already overcrowded, not unheard of for extra long phenomenon. Zhengzhou Municipal People’s Hospital who had just given birth Ms. Zhang said:Ms. Zhang: just started coming in many people, especially.


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