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so I think it is still eight people possible.One person:These days you have not read these eight individuals among the performers?Luo Huaizhen:Not only did I have read, I also have contact with these artists in private,tiffany collane, the general feeling is that they have no sense of exclusion of the public are welcome to more, another artist nor the feeling of being discriminated against, they feel more free performances, but also more comfortable and even their income in line with their expectations, it should be when it comes to now we have not found, we are worried about, such as nuisance, such as impact on traffic,abercrombie soldes france, for example, whether the public resentment, at least not yet found in this case So run very well.One person:Lo.

I believe many cities nationwide are concerned about such a move to Shanghai, but there is a problem which is very important to define how we are to define him is buskers,veste barbour, instead of saying,hollister soldes, is a begging, or how , this is the definition and selection is very difficult?Luo Huaizhen:Yes, because we really want two kinds of people in the street performers separately, one is that we can still occasionally be seen to demonstrate disability, disease, injustice, for the purpose of this, in fact,braccialetto tiffany, with some very rough performances as a means to attract pedestrians yell, do not give us this kind of beauty, these people should enter the city, rescue system for vulnerable people, and not be able to see them for street art and street performers,hollister shop online, and we are looking for This street performers.

at least 8 people for employment, but they also have a lot of requirements,outlet hogan, such as our point of view, not a nuisance,hollister kids, it goes without saying, too much movement to play it, but then as a professional, which is emphasized as a career and street performers appear to be punctual,tiffany roma, if you do not come today, but also not fly,hollister magasin, can not lend to others by appointment card, which is no doubt,hollister pas cher, can not be traded in the show, which may now be specified,woolrich outlet online, But the future will not break, like the violin, if he sells at his violin recorded discs, okay future, the future of this matter to the future of our first step to sell again.

then we have to connect a person, this person put this matter is quite important that we have just met in movies Luo Huaizhen since 2008 as the deputies that he made the proposal, the results of six years later, he became a reality, Then we connect Shanghai CPPCC members, vice chairman of China’s Luo Huaizhen Opera Association, chairman Luo Hello?Luo Huaizhen:Iwamatsu hello.One person:First,tiffany outlet, there is a problem, is how do you think the first street artists just eight posts, and more than you expect, or how, or less?Luo Huaizhen:8 looks,louboutin soldes, in fact, it is an ice-breaking, is a first, I think the limited attempts, gradually let people familiar this is a process.

and it is this urban environment, the taste of the city,felpe hollister, the city pay tribute to a city that matches the landscape.One person:Then there are two issues that are very important, the first question is that now seems relatively cautious,hogan outlet, after all he is a pilot, this card is only one month period, one month after the person you think is to increase the expansion,magasin abercrombie france, or how ?Luo Huaizhen:I think the effect of the experiment it is the best explanation so far in his experiment well,abercrombie france, maybe I am optimistic, and I believe that they can continue to perform it.