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“Listen to the Lao reply, red is a mixed blessing.Happy is, his grades have more than three hundred, that is to say, the Jade Emperor can send up to 600 of the soldiers to protect their own interests, like the jade emperor not too shabby. Those soldiers and equipment, no less than the abyss dragon dragon difference.The worry is that, China dispatched troops to teach, not more than the red * * team ten percent.The number of game player red country, always is a short board of red china. Although the red nation, there are many so-called “white” game player, but these “white” game player is expertise in life skills,tiffany cufflinks, but fighting force is much worse. The red nations combat troops, because all is composed of “red” game player, so far the number of combat game player red country is not much.Even if the “white” game player together, the red Chinese game player now also only tens of thousands of people, ten percent, is thousands, in quantity, it is than the force difference too far.Not red do not want to recruit some of the “red” game player, is not no one wants to join the Reds will. In fact, in the conquest of the game,cheap tiffany & co jewelry, the red nations almost all the “red” game player shrine in mind.Just, want to be “red” game player is easy, as long as any malicious PK once, killing game player, you can become a “red” game player. But to retain the title of “red” game player, thus to gain entry to the Reds will qualify, it is not so easy.In the conquest of the game, each malicious PK kill a game player, won the ten “evil value”. Each kill ten than its high-level monsters drop a little evil value,, each one-hour online also dropped a bit evil value.Be like evil value decline is not fast, but whether the line of battle, and fighting the country, no matter you kill more, also won’t increase evil value.A siege warfare, often lasting several days, if the red Club threshold low, only a few evil value Tom, Dick and Harry also called into the red in a battle, I’m afraid not over, half of the karma will game player,tiffany co company, is automatically returned……Although as the Reds will grow, red can change the set before the red will initiate condition at any time. But this time change the setting conditions, the unequal admit we brothers do the little devil? So lost things, not my red styleThree three five, the monkey to teachThree three five, the monkey to teach”Good!” said the red resolute and decisive, “Laojun, you go back and tell the Jade Emperor, I’d give you the first country red country education”Too happy eyes narrowed into slits. The first country to teach us was the first country to teach the first…… . huh? The first country to teach?Laotse asked hurriedly, “red king, what would be the first country to teach? Don’t……”Red patted Lao shoulder, “well, you are the first country to teach, there will be second Anglican, third, the N in China”Too old?相关的主题文章:

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