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Obama Bowie State University in Maryland speech.International Online Zhuangao: According to the German “Der Spiegel” reported that, for decades,, well known dolphin is one of the world’s most intelligent creatures. However, many researchers have recently said that dolphins actually not as clever imagination, their intelligence is exaggerated.Dolphins are very complex social life,tiffany firenze,, able to gather in groups of living. When family members noticed the suffering, the heart rate will accelerate. When they find food or potential threat alerts. Experiments show that they can even perceive the future. But American biologist Justin? Greg (Justin Gregg) said that these behaviors were also observed in chickens. This shows that the chicken with dolphins same smart?? South Africa’s Witwatersrand University neuroscientist Paul Man Geer (Paul Manger), said: “In fact,christian louboutin soldes,錕叫詫拷錕斤拷錕斤拷錕斤拷錕斤拷壇/read.php?tid=6668, it is only common dolphin mammal only human to give them no reason to impose a number of human desire and. hope. “Under normal circumstances, the scientists will determine by comparing the IQ of a biological brain weight. Relative to the body, the brain,doudoune moncler, the more intelligent the larger creatures. For example, the human brain accounts for 2% of body weight, while the gorilla’s brain only 0.9% of their body weight, the elephant is only 0.2%. Dolphin brain accounts for 0.9% of body weight. Although you can say that dolphins are highly intelligent creatures in the animal, but the marine mammal’s brain is consistent with the conversion of land animals do? has pointed out that the reason why a large whale’s brain, because they need to keep the brain hypothermia in cold water, but the theory is useless.However, many researchers can not agree with this dolphin discovery,outlet hogan, saying that it was in the past decades research negation. (Willow)(Original title: Scientists say dolphins IQ and chicken similar to their level of intelligence is exaggerated BEIJING, Oct. 11 – The US magazine “Playboy” cover girl has always been known for hot body. Recently.

they published a lady in the United States and even the world have high visibility. But, this “beauty” is a cartoon character.According to the US “World News” reported that,, following Marilyn. Monroe,abercrombie et fitch, Cindy. After Crawford, owls restaurants (Hooters) and other sectors of beauty and sexy waitress, cartoon series “The Simpsons” in the mother Maggie (Marge) to record the first of half a century,louboutin femme pas cher, becoming the first to board the “Playboy” magazine cover cartoon characters.It is said, “Playboy” No Yin Maji is the slightest mocked animated characters, giving a full star treatment,hogan outlet, including a list of information,,abercrombie milano, reports and interviews across the middle of the photo page.Editorial Director Maggie Jelinek refused to disclose the October 16 November listed “Playboy” will expose how much “character” or she would not put her famous towering blue hair down, only that the content was “very,tiffany outlet, very eclectic.”Jelinek said,chaussures louboutin pas cher, let Maggie when Covergirl although very unusual, but very reasonable, since it just celebrated the 20th anniversary of “The Simpsons,doudoune moncler,” broadcast, but Maggie was in one episode “bare all” to show the role and do not care “Playboy” approach. He also stressed that “fathered” three children Maggie has a lot of pride of place. He said: “She is the stunning cartoon characters.”Under the impact of new media, old adult magazine “Playboy” sales continue to decline,moncler pas cher, from 3.15 million in 2006 reduced to 2.6 million. The come up with “Anything Else”,moncler outlet, by Maggie hope to attract younger readers, while avoiding offensive older readers. The journal spokesman said: “We know that this will attract more than 20-year-olds.””Playboy” even convinced 7-Eleven convenience store in the 1200 sale of the magazine, the company’s 20 years only done so once. 7-Eleven spokeswoman said: “We like Maggie.Guardian concern the latest Hollywood disaster film “Shark heaven”, many users have said that the film’s story is set just “bright blind.” The producers Asylum Films has decided to launch a sequel.

became famous because of its celebrity mentioned again and again in public places is US President Barack Obama.According to the “Los Angeles Times” reported on the 26th,, the US mid-term congressional elections will be held next week, Obama is running non-stop throughout the campaign, canvassing for the Democratic Party. Reported speech in recent days,hollister abercrombie, Obama always frequent references to “Slurpee” This flavor smoothie drinks, always with its analogy to describe how blocking reform and Republicans stand attitude.For example,louboutin, in a speech this month, Bowie State University in Maryland,moncler outlet online, Obama said that when he’s Democratic Party sweat efforts to pull the quagmire of the US economy, the Republicans, “but in the side of the cool air sucking ‘Slurpee’ . “According to political observers to incomplete statistics,orecchini tiffany, in the past two months, Obama no less than 20 games in his speech referred to “Slurpee.”Tuesday, 7-11 companies even through his spokesman made thanks to Obama, spokesman Margaret linen Rees insisted that “Slurpee” no party preference, “but we’re feeling the president’s popularity to help us Xieaobama Drinks playing free advertising. “Obama’s “Slurpee” Quotations”We’re exhausted, sweat, and they just stand around drinking Republicans ‘Slurpee’ sit on the sidelines!”- August 16, Obama’s speech at a fundraising event in Los Angeles.”Republicans national economy car drove into the mire, and then pull it out when we want it to suck in the side ‘Slurpee’!”- September 6,,hollister femme, Obama in Wisconsin published US Labor Day speech.”Although the weather was very hot, mosquitoes everywhere, but we are trying to launch the economic morass of the car, the sweat. Can be looked up,, we have found in the side of the Republicans leisurely cool breeze blowing, sucking ‘thinking Le Ice ‘! “- October 21.