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I could not believe my eyes,tiffany italia, hit such a big prize, so unexpected, but looking back I thought, the organizers really so generous it?” Skeptical Chu took note,louboutin homme pas cher, find activities relevant person in charge,collane tiffany, require awarding.Staff organizers to get this small piece of paper,hogan scarpe, but also ignorant.According to the current market price of about 300 yuan a gram of gold,tiffany outlet italia, 2 kg is 600,000 yuan ah. You heard wrong, is 600,abercrombie and fitch milano,000.”Excuse me, this is the mistake of our staff, made a mistake. Originally set is the golden egg 2g gold, rather than 2kg.” Organizers explained that they refused to honor.Mr. Zhu was extremely heart drop, completely unable to accept the interpretation of the organizers.”Wrong is their own thing,giuseppe zanotti, since I drew up,tiffany outlet, the organizers should be responsible in the end, can not take consumers baited ah.” Angrily, Zhu complained to the Wuyi business, businesses hope to honor this grand prize.Commerce: This is a major mistake business Coordinated Chu is eligible 3500 yuan compensationSoon,bracciale tiffany, the business sector staff rushed to the scene.”Set the value of 600,abercrombie,000 yuan of two kilograms of gold as a prize, it is unlikely, an order just how much money? Judge from the common sense,abercrombie soldes france, which is caused by the business major mistakes.” Commerce and Industry staff said.After more than one hour of patience mediation,louboutin femme pas cher, the same day more than 20:00, the organizers finally answer should apologize for Chu and Chu 3500 yuan compensation for mental damages to compensate for its failure to Zhu caused. For this result, Chu accepted.Further Reading Prize promotions The maximum amount not more than 5000 yuanLottery sales business as a promotional tool, now being used more and more frequently, consumers will often be attracted some high awards and shopping. If consumers are experiencing a similar situation, how to do? What needs attention?Reporters learned from the business sector Jinhua, in fact, the law does not prohibit sales activities with prizes.

but may have adverse consequences and undermine competition rules will be banned lottery sales.”If the merchant’s easy to induce consumers to speculative behavior psychology, consumer choice of goods disturb normal thinking, impede fair competition operators of similar goods,hogan online, which are acts of unfair competition.” Jinhua relevant staff said the business sector.”People’s Republic of China Against Unfair Competition Law” stipulates that the lottery is also an award-winning sales,tiffany orecchini, the highest award amount shall not exceed five thousand dollars set; if you are non-cash items or other economic benefits as a reward, it is in accordance with the same period in the market similar the normal price of goods or services which converted amount. Higher than five thousand, shall be sentenced to more than 200,000 yuan 10,000 yuan fine.Lawyers point of view Organizers should take responsibility, compensate the consumer Zhejiang Jia Lixin Akamatsu Law Firm Lawyer:If the business integrity perspective,hogan olympia, how to write the note, the organizers should be how to do. But according to the relevant laws,outlet abercrombie, the highest award of the prize money can not sell more than 5000 yuan. Strictly speaking, two kilograms of gold,hollister abercrombie, worth 600,000 yuan, more than the relevant laws and regulations, the amount of the excess is invalid.Sake of discussion, although the organizers obviously there are significant errors, but not at a “mistake” to stall the consumer, but should bear the responsibility. Consumers have the right to fight for their rights. From the final results, the consumer businesses to compensate 3,hollister londra,500 yuan, can be considered reasonable.He Xianjun Jinle Jia newspaper correspondent special corr100 years ago, why the Titanic sank? You do not know how much truth there?100 years later, the latest theory will wreck blamed moon or super refractionOn the 14th, is the Titanic in the icy waters of the sleeping 100th anniversary. 100 years ago, about the causes of the sinking of the Titanic has never stopped the controversy: some say the ship speed is too fast; some say the use of defective rivets on board.