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Hu Yu has voluntarily surrendered themselves,hogan scarpe, I hope the court a lighter sentence for her.The court found guilty and sentenced to life imprisonmentAfter the court hearing, did not adopt Hu Yu excuse. After the court investigation pointed out on behalf of Hu Yu Yu-hui Jo made to borrowers,hogan interactive, providing 10 million yuan of empty promises, when Jo found it impossible to fulfill, the Hu Yu to delay repayment,woolrich outlet, the company does not have the case of gold stocks to provide a gold sample Jo fake gold pledge. Since then, Hu Yu, and the company has been delaying payments.

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or deceived by false shipping notices,abercrombie, Beijing Yu Hui Jewellery Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as plume company) female CEOs of more than 29 million yuan Hu Yu fraud. Yesterday, reporters learned, a city in the hospital to contract fraud and sentenced to life imprisonment Hu Yu, the company was sentenced to a fine of 2.2 million.Female executives charged with fraud nearly 30 millionHu Yu, 43, is Beijing’s Haidian District, people with college degrees. According to the prosecution alleged, Hu Yu and Yu Hui company in August 2011,collana tiffany, the company signed a loan on behalf of the victim Jo contracts to empty promises as collateral, Jo defrauding 10 million yuan. In addition, Hu Yu and Yu Hui company in December 2011, in the name of the company and the Electrical Import and Export Co., Ltd. signed a set of sheet gold sales contracts, defrauding by false shipping notification in setting the value of 19 million Electrical Import and Export Co., Ltd. gold sheet.The trial,abercrombie outlet, their lawyers said Hu Yu, the borrower before, she had told Jo insufficient funds checks, to be accounted for after the payment of funds, Jo is knowingly entered into an agreement with her, so between the two the nature of the borrower is a civil dispute, does not constitute a contract fraud.For the first two pens fraud, Hu Yu said the company was forged in order to facilitate the operation of the consignment note, and prepare to set Electrical Company in payment associated with the contract before the expiration of the credit, and therefore does not have the illegal possession of subjective intentional. And after the charge sheet of gold, the company has been set up with the mechanical and electrical companies negotiate repayment arrangements,hollister pas cher, so found insufficient evidence of fraud.Prosecutors believe Hu Yu guilty of contract fraud and the huge amount recommended sentenced him to life imprisonment. Hu Yu’s counsel made.