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Several pieces of soul stone look cheerful synthesis with soul shard,tiffany on sale, red of this discovery, the soul stone only a piece of the used before he dreamed of systemic equipment with the soul stone, even a dead N times can be resurrected, now dream dashed.It took three seconds to lament about their misfortune, and then to their binding a soul stone, red once again become be jubilant, he led the fire monkey and diamond into Luanfengang depths. Because the pet can not leave the game player visual range, while Luanfengang on clouds, game player eyes shall see to go too far,tiffany co outlet 2013, so six ear has been jumped to jump to the nearby red. There is not “Luanfengang incomplete skeleton”, but the body intact in every kind of armor skeleton, skeleton dense everywhere!Roar, and experience! All the equipment!Reds roared with excitement rushed over, but screamed back. The complete skeleton is much faster than the 30 grade of “incomplete skeleton” speed, red gold hoop stick is not essential to be a skeleton made a dash attack to hit back, but he was knocked off 1200 points of blood!The problem is additional four or five skeletons also suddenly rushed up, all to the Reds attack launched sprint!If this is all they hit, named is allergic, also be seckill!But this time, 20 fire monkey has been entangled in other skeleton. Although the fire monkey faster than the skull fast, but the skull series here than the fire monkey high too much, and the number of the fire monkey more than several times, so the fire monkey all stuck. King Kong is not far behind in the red, but it was too slow, not at all. While the six ear now has far more than 60 meters,, also too late!Super red red such as death, a minor fall from three to five! Even if his body is bound with the soul stone, but now he has made the soul stone grade is too low, only 10% recovery after the resurrection of life value, I’m afraid his only continue to be seckill copies!Crazy roars, skills “sweep away the millions of enemy troops” instant start, red before the body with a stick!Bang bang! Two loud noise, the front only. Shoot the skull immediately flew home! Although the cause 300 more damage to two skeletons, but the gold hoop stick defeat the 10% attributes in the critical moment to save red! Then the red a lazy fried chop rice cake, from the then three skull impact.The effect of Jingzhou, almost lose the effect of Jingzhou!Red too believe he metamorphosis properties, not in front of the skull in the eye, the result was almost seckill!He hurriedly retreated diamond behind, then a “strange piercing eye” left in the past.Skeleton warriors, level 50, life skills: 15,tiffany and co jewellery, sprint attack, increases damage by 150%.Halo, less incomplete two words actually grade is 20, and the sprint attack damage is increased by 150%, no wonder a.

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