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!At this time, the red, Mirs and other pets to Dududingding rushed up.Dapeng took out the party day painting Ji, like tigers among a flock of sheep in the curse of the skeleton group rampage. A party day painting Ji dance very tight, flying up and down, put a curse on arm leg folding skeleton.Six ears turned into a gray image, four claws on each paw together, must take root!!One nine six, skeleton generalTwo shellfish like spray and jet like fierce spray red mist,tiffany on sale, with red spray washing “dagger into the scallop in shell in the curse of the skeleton was crazy to drop, each hit a few, there is a curse of the skull into confusion,tiffany co outlet 2013, he raised his arms to his companion to cut.She is the female ghost spirit, but also a kind of undead,tiffany and co engagement rings, the curse to can play her role. I saw her long dark hair like a serpent thrown around, the curse of the skeleton drawing screaming again and again, cry heart out well, skeleton’s mother, is not born a skeleton. Occasionally display some erotic duopo. He is also a primary school!Yingying is Ka Yan king. The curse will feel just like a fish in water than Xiaoqian, bursts, let those damned skeleton constantly into the charm, totally forgot himself in life-and-death struggle sweat,tiffany pendants, Ying-ying too powerful, even the skeleton can charm”. Three combo is a curse of the skeleton of a broken bone.The more generous thanks to her, reduce physical damage, reducing magic damage, the damage reduced paste characteristics, the curse of the skeleton group into the water like fish. Designed to be hung up the curse of the skeleton body kuangshuai collection operation, perfect carry out red intentions, never waste anything, even if it’s just a skeleton of broken finger!Running level hammer brandish a pure iron axe like deicide the same rampage, pure iron axe passive bitterly cold, even in the curse of the land is not affected by any. He went to within ten metres of not only all the curse of the skull head out a white damage, and the speed is also slower than the zombie. Let red private Daguai brigade kill more handy. A pure iron axe dancing and whirling wheel, also from time to time, emitting bursts of black hell fire, like a devil incarnate. Bitterly cold: passive skills, because this axe is million years cold iron joined million years iron essence crafted. Within the holders of around ten meters. All the competitors are affected by the million years cold iron chill, move speed decreased vision, and cause some frozen injury, damage size considered rivals from holder distance changes, from four points to four points, the corpse seconds, seconds.But red is first four songs played a long time, the four songs already trained to old stage, although the soul fell in one of the curses, but as long as the reply song works! Then he vulnerability to attack, Baina normalization, have all kinds of connections with, 100 turn flame palm turns, damage level is not a problem, the key is to seize the time to practice the skills proficiency, level up! Thoroughly tempered and final cooling time is too long, temporary.

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