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prostitution, and at least 10 to 15 days detention, and may impose a fine of 5,000 yuan; less serious,abercrombie hollister, at the following five days detention or a fine of 500 yuan. Trick prostitute soliciting in public places.

” “wash aircraft” “push waves aircraft” three kinds of masturbation service. According to the theory of criminal law,hollister paris adresse, prostitution is a means for commercial purposes, sexual intercourse with each other without the occurrence of a specific implementation of similar acts of sexual intercourse, masturbation does not include purely for heterosexual women with breast friction behavior of male genitalia.According to the Guangdong Provincial People’s Court in 2007 about the introduction of women in prostitution case law applicable Reply shelter that introduction, shelter services for women masturbation behavior of others, does not belong to the criminal law expressly provides for criminal acts. So the three sexual services is not a “criminal law” Chapter VIII of the organization, force,woolrich sito ufficiale, seduce, shelter prostitution “prostitution.”In the media continue to simmer,abercrombie paris, the Guangdong Provincial High Court official microblogging respond on the matter: Masturbation services provided (planes) behavior, the existing criminal law and relevant judicial interpretations were not clearly defined as a crime. In accordance with the principle of legality.

such behavior is not recognized as a crime. However,tiffany collane, such behavior significantly impair the social order,hollister, with a certain degree of social harm, by the relevant authorities to investigate and punish. Such behavior is a crime and how to deal with the legislature and the judiciary should be clear interpretation department.Beijing police: The actual enforcement of the “planes”, “chest push” and other erotic services areAccording to the Beijing Times reported that Beijing police said,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, like “planes” “chest push” and other erotic services are in Beijing for many years of actual police enforcement are identified as prostitution.Beijing police line law enforcement police, identified prostitution, mainly to see whether the actors on prostitution between subjective consensus,louboutin pas cher, as already has been on a good price or payment of money,doudoune femme moncler, property, and has embarked on, but other than his own will because of the subjective The reason, yet sexual relations; or have a sexual relationship, but not yet paid the money, property, can be handled according to law by acts of prostitution.Information, Ministry of Public Security “on the profit for the purpose of masturbation, and other acts of qualitative Kouyin deal with the problem of approval” in the (complex public word on the 6th August 10, 1995) that “prostitution is not specific to men and women of means between money,tiffany outlet, property for media relations of improper sexual conduct occurred. “February 28.

2001, approved by the Ministry of Public Security “on the qualitative behavior to deal with the problem of money as a medium between the approval of same-sex” (male complex word on the 4th February 28,scarpe hogan, 2001) are repealed. New approved think between heterosexual or homosexual is not specific to money, property for an improper sexual relations media behavior, including Kouyin,woolrich prezzi, masturbation, sodomy and other acts, are all acts of prostitution.Experts say the two sides are not contradictory responses on prostitution grasp the scale is not the sameIn recent days, the “service provided masturbation is not a sin prostitution” triggered concerns of the community,doudoune moncler homme, masturbation,abercrombie firenze, prostitution is not part of what service? Guangdong High Court and the Beijing police responded exactly the opposite and become the focus of debate.”In fact,abercrombie roma, in response to the two sides are not contradictory,doudoune moncler femme,” China University of Political Science Professor Ruan Qilin in an interview with reporters, said the new site,moncler pas cher, “It depends on the two sides to grasp the scale of prostitution is not the same width and strict.”Ruan Qilin further explained that policing prostitution punishment prescribed requirements are relatively low, as long as the pornographic nature of the transaction can be called prostitution. The Ministry of Public Security’s interpretation of the scope of law enforcement for public security, way beyond the narrow way sex can be considered prostitution.”People’s Republic of China on Public Security Administration Punishment Law” stipulates that prostitution.


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